Do girls have post nut clarity too?


| I've been wondering this muself

| I wanna know

| I can only speak for myself but I certainly don't.

| Doubt.

| I mean, I'm a pp g/u/rl and I don't really have post nut clarity. Like, at all. So it probably depends on the person.

| As g.i.r.l. i can say that i don't have idea what it is

| >>730600 same here. Is it a real thing, besides just not being horny anymore? I thought it was just a meme

| Not really seems kinda silly tbh

| >>730731
I mean, from my understanding it kinda is but also, not completely? Ejaculating can help a lot with relieving stress, so if you're someone who can't think clearly while you're horny and then you nut then the stress relief + clearer head from no more horny probably leads to a sensation similar to the legendary "post nut clarity".

| Yes, I experience it pretty often...though I think a lot more goes into it than I care to admit.

| the burden of man, postnut clarity...

| As a guy who doesn't exist on this board I can confirm post but clarity is real. Especially for me tbh, hits me like a truck. In fact when I am horny i go from being practically gay to being disgusted at the thought and thinking sex is a disgusting act. So the shift before nutting and literally 3s after nutting is real weird. Feels like tripping over a high and falling on my face. *phases out of existence, silently watching again*

| I have post nut clarity but only because I get really fluffy/lightheaded when I'm horny. It's not like I have heightened abilities, just not reduced ones.

| Girls can cum multiple times in quick succession, which is unfair!

| >>731182 so thats why they dont get post nut clarity

| >>731182 Yeah, in my experience I actually get *hornier* right after and want to go again right away.

This sounds fun but I've accidentally missed plans and such because I had no sense of time.

| >>731267 fuck I wish I was a girl now

| >>731267 Makes me wonder what the deal is with nofappers saying jacking off is bad when girls experience this stuff :/

| >>731385 I think nofap is kind of an extreme reaction to a real problem. As far as I can tell, a lot of guys spend a lot of time masturbating, which could be put towards things that would make them happier. Saying "I'll never do it again" is easier than trying to figure out the "right amount" and then limit yourself, I think.

Obviously, though, the notion that masturbating at all is bad for you is a silly one.

| >>731396
Masturbating is actually healthy. Idk how it is for females, but males should masturbate a minimum of 2 times a week to stay healthy.

| >>731400 Makes sense.

| When it comes to male martubation, balance is healthy, men produce sperm very quickly, while women have a monthly cycle of production, men have it daily, thats is even why men are hornier and thinks about sex in a constant basis, 2 times a week is a good ammout but doing once a day also isnt that much of a problem, especially during puberty, the hormones constantly flowing trought body realy do make a difference and this is why post nut clarity is a thing

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