What made you cum today?

| read title

| My left hand

| My gf's vagina.

| my dreams about femboys

| Etuzan Jakusui

| >>729252 how did you cum from that?

| Random newgrounds hentai video

| I love sex.

| Thinking on a osananajimi

| >>729293 how did you cum from op?

| And now a video about massaging tits

| Onahole from hell

| screengrab femdom webtoon

| Demon tiddies

| More nsfw on newgrounds

| >>729969 -8?

| >>730032 good stuff bot no, some new hentai games

| Hot anime girls wearing skirts and no panties

| Yoar mamá

| Big anime booties

| Nothing... yet

| Exhibitionism

| Thinking about my friend holding me on his lap and letting me bite his neck and drink a little of his blood... But in a cute way!

| >>731279 I busted a nut, thx

| >>731341 Ehe, you're welcome. I feel weird for it, I'm glad someone else finds it hot too.

| >>731390 i nutted, thanks

| Nothing, i'm asexual

| nothing yet, I'm trying not to nut

| Imagining how I'm licking the sweat out of person's body... Also, like >>da8858 I am also thinking about biting someone's throat, but a bit more aggressively... Like feel it flow and drip. Ofc it would be consensual but still... Phew.

| >>731621 See, I'm more focused on the warmth and the taste and feeling his arms around me... And feeling him react to me lapping at his neck, too. =///=

| After reading this thread, I've decided to never have sex.

| >>da8858 Haha, no, I get it, you are just subby and you need to ask out people to suck their blood! That's very cute. I can imagine you being so timid that he'd have to ask you to suck more and deeper.

| pee

| >>731626 >>731663 Thanks, now I can keep working with a huge erection

| >>a0aba6 Sounds like someone could use some help from under their desk with that *huge* erection, no? Happy employees are productive employees, after all. ;)

| yoar mamá

| I'll gladly accept any help, an extra pair of hands to let go some "workload" is always welcome ;)

| >>691e13 Oh, a pair of hands, a throat...we got it all. The throat option is far less messy, as you don't have to pull out until you cum. I would *hate* to make a mess instead of having a mess made out of me~!

| dick in my neck

| my fellow g/u/rl, all i can say to this is:

thank you.

| oh god the thought of sliding my cock down someone's throat makes me hard as fuck

| >>6871d5 I'd love to try that option... It's reassuring to know that this kind of task is left on such professional and willing hands... or throat

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