Sis? Onee-chan? Schwesterchen?

| In what language would you like to use during incest roleplay? (if you're into that) and is it a turnoff in your own language?

| For me personally I like all three in the title. Tho imo it's less hot in my native language. Still hot, just I like the German or Japanese languages more

| Id change im still OP lol

| The word for sister in my language ccomes with too much respect to be casual and enjoyable.
Not into incest myself, but I imagine its even those into it in my country would agree.


| >>728964 I used to think this about my language as well but a lot of languages have a dinumitive version of a word that always works better even if it is not proper

Consider: Father vs Daddy

| Nee-chan/san is hella nice

| In any language, because all humans are brothers and sisters ;-)

| nee-chan or sis, calling her hermana would be way too weird

| >>729580 sis...

| sisters can be so hot, what's up with that?

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