Cat jump on my balls 2 day ago

| And it's still hurt >help

| Change its name to ball scratch

| Balls turned into ball

| hot

| you found yourself a catgirl

| OP got more pussy on their dick then any of us ever will

| I'm seriously recoiling in pain trying to sleep every nights

| >>728957 suffering from success

| fuck the cat. for revenge.

| >>729059 no

| >>729074 a cat is fine too

| >>729113 no

| If this is real go to a hospital

| As >>b584e6 said
If this is real, see a professional

Ball pain for 2 days aint good

| Still congrats to you g/u/rl for getting your dick crushed by pussy

| >>729168 >>729307 well shit, it's like 4 day or so now, i'm almost completely healed at this point.

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