Anal curious

| Where to start? Dildo? Vibrator? Buttplug? Something else? What to avoid?

| I've only fingered myself so Idk much about toys.

I heard water based lubes are the best for all anal things, but for fingering you can go full Greco-Roman and use olive oil or coconut oil will do fine. I've used hand creme sometimes as that's not wierd to have near the shower, but I wouldn't recommend it

| First time will always kinda hurt and be awkward. Just listen to your body and don't try to put too much in, your middle finger is fine. Dunno about others but my G-spot is actually not that far deep.

Besides that Idk. I actually normally finger myself to wash my ass, but for that I'd honestly prefer to have those enema things which spray water there. That seems like a good to have for all anal lovers

| Anyways, have fun with your Bussy OP! Hope it gets a lot of good use!

| I started fingers to small plug then slowly worked up but you can probably do whatever just start small and slow

Use lots of lube, I'm serious use more

As for what to avoid anything with numbing, sometimes lube is sold "for anal" with some numbing agent but if it hurts you need to stop which you can't feel if you're numb

Also avoid things that don't have some kind of flared base, basically don't be that person in the er with a bottle up their ass

| Another thing to avoid, sex toys aren't regulated so some aren't actually body safe or can't be properly disinfected, avoid things like jelly dildos, they're porus and you literally can't clean them

Probably good to buy from a trusted brand, instead of Amazon

Do some reading yourself on that

| OP here, thanks all for the input. I tried fingering but I couldn't reach my prostate. Anal lubes I checked never mentioned numbing effect. Is that usually not disclosed?

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