How often do g/u/rls jack off

| I do it at least once per day, verging on twice per day, these days. I really try and make sure to enjoy it.

| Maybe like once a month?

Living with others in a small house and sharing a bedroom means I can't exactly do it that much. Most of the time read doujins or play eroges I don't even jack off.

The second I get my own place I'd like to do it two or three times a day. Turn the whole place into a /d/egenerate den where I play eroges for hours with a dildo up my ass

| Once a day but some times I skip it

| too much lately. i hate it.

| >>728400
:O you reminded me of the time I jacked off with someone else in bed with me. It was a platonic thing, a sleepover I think. I was just so horny that I popped out from under the covers and started masterbating. I know the guy I was in the same bed as woke up, but I was so focused on getting off that I didn't realize it. He pretended to be asleep as I busted onto my hand and ate it, but his head was looking directly at me. Felt weird afterwards. I still think about it.

| >>728512 If I was your homie I'd have helped you with that instead

| I do it like 2 or 3 times a day. I just want someone to cuddle with.

| >>728560
Haha, I wish he did too. I suspect he was gay too, but neither of us had the self-esteem to admit something like that.
That's cute! I'd love to cuddle with you!

| >>728572 My answer would be exactly the same. I'm a bit scared.

| I... also have the same answer.

>>728400 This is really hot.

| About once a week.
It used to be more, but I got old and fat.

| i just got done with destroy dick December. took a while to recuperate but im back at 3 to 4 a week.
also this >>728572

| g/u/rls with dicks lol
Dildos don't count

| There are dildos that can 'cum'. The future is now

| >>728776
It's our horny pp festival

| I love sex.

| >>728945
Yeah, so do i

| i go like 2 to 5 times a day.
trying to slow down because sometimes feels like my peen is getting shocked after for like two hours

| I do it everyday, just like eating meal. The only difference is that food needs resources and more work to prepare.

As the greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope once said, I would be glad if stroking the stomach would satisfy hunger as stroking dick/pussy satisfies sexuality.

And yes, of course both things are more pleasing with someone else. But for me only if I like this person and vice versa - which is hard to find as an egomaniac in a society consisting of egomaniacs.

| >>729129 Good quote from a good man

| Jack? Why not Carl?

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