incel kissless virgins

| lol

| Wow, you can't say that!
Here come the Twitch mods

| You called?

| No! Bad OP! now say sorry to the reddit mods!

| I've realized my ex friend was like that

| They aren't incel kissless virgins if you kiss and fuck them, fyi

| kiss yo homies
no homo tho

| Full homo

| Penis.

| All of the homo
>careless whisperer starts playing

| I am one of these and it doesn't offend me. I am like this by choice. I don't have enough money to risk children happening.

| >>729498 think the *in*-cel part doesn't apply then

| >>729501 this

| >>729498 not wanting any relationships don't make you incel. Incel is someone who wants a girl

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