Y'all shave down there?

| Explain why/why not and also how you like it for your partner

| I don't, cuz I have no one to look at it

| Don't shave as well because I simply don't care and have no one to care about such stuff either

| no

| Yes because as a Latin American it grows to the point where it starts to annoy me

| >>725182 same here

| kill all hair

| I usually just shave the part above my dick, not my dick itself, cause it's way easier

| >>13d948 even sometimes, hurts for the long it growths

| I trim it, but I don't shave it off entirely. I think it look weird when I completely shave.

| I'm a girl who prefers to go trimmed for myself, and trimmed/shaved is good for my partner

| i like my jungle

| yea I shave most of it except for a bit above my penis, and I also shave my asshole. it feels reaaaal good to play around when it's smooth

| Nope because it itches like fuck growing back in and it doesnt bother me at all. Never once had a complaint from anyone I slept with.

| I always shave when I'm about to make nudes or stuff like that, i only trim pubes and if I'll remain unshaven till i make nudes again lol btw I'm make but make femboy stuff

| I dont shave and I dont care if people shave or not

| Yep, but only from time to time. I mean, even if i don't have sex i see it more like a hygienic thing than a sexual thing

| Saying that shaving is hygienic is like saying circuncision is hygienic.

like sorry for the jab but I hear that so much that it bothers me a bit, like why not just wash yourself properly and not have to go trough all the cuting.

| Nope, but I'm finely haired

| I cut my bush down in size because it makes my dick appear bigger and more important: it prevents getting hair under my foreskin (which can be a pain).
But I don't shave it. It feels naked and unprotected and it's also dermatological better.

| >>725616
No it's dirtier, because we're not cavemen only wearing leaves, so bacteria can build up because most of the time you're wearing clothes

| >>725731 soap and clean clothes exist and they are very sexy.

| ooft pubes in the foreskin suck big time

| i have not shaved or trimmed it once in my life. i fear that if i attempt to temper this beast, it will unleash a fury of a thousand bothers unto me.
it has evolved perfectly, and so i shall not fix what is not broken

| I like how it looks when it's shaved but I'm to lazy to keep it that way so I usually just shave it when it has passed like 4 months

| Nah. I trim. I dont have a sex life so idc

| >>726125 that's a bit nasty

| >>726251 what is so nast about having hair? People have it, its natural, its not dirty and like any parto of the body it will get dirty if you dont clean.

| I shaved it once then tomorrow morning it started growing again as it still a small short tense hair it hurt whenever it come in contact with something because it's moving to the opposite direction of the growth and it just pain, also make my skin goes red. I never shave it again after that experience.

| I shave it for my own interest regularly. Personally, it looks better without a jungle down there. I know some people that are actually into pubic hair so there's really nothing wrong with either shaved or not aside for your partner / personal preference

| >>725738
Any amount of soap doesn't remove the smell of your balls

| >>726428
Ok maybe it does, but I need more than a blob of soap to do it

| >>726429 removing hair doesnt remove smell.

And learn to wash your balls right!

Hair doesnt make you any cleaner or dirtier.

| >>726433 shaving your armpits surely does make them less smelly though

| >>726507 washing them properly and using deodorant also does and doesnt cause skin irritation.

| >>726514 using deodorant also often causes hydradenitis. Speaking from experience here

| >>726604 brands exist and it only happens because people dont wash the deodorant off their armpits when they bathe.

They apply the deodorant and leave it there drying for days, they dont know that they need to wash it off.

| Speaking about deodorant is very different for me, i need to use a special and specific line or otherwise i smell very bad all the day

| You can avoid trouble in your armpits by not putting any product with aluminum on them.

| >>725731
No it's more unhealty/dirty without hair because shaved skin is weakened and unprotected - especially because of the friction with clothes, since shaved people also wear them most of the time.

| Depends on mood

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