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What type/kind of porn do you guys jerk off to?

| Also, any specific or really hard kinks?

| every kind of porn. I don't think there's anything that turns me off except masculine men.

| Vanilla, but to be specific:
Doesn’t mean I won’t beat it to monster girls, or gay femboys
Just nothing fucked up. Just a loving couple/pair doing it with consent.

| I love sex.

| >>724197 what about furry stuff? Or gay content?

| >>724244 there are plenty of things that aren't vanilla that can be done with consent, such as bondage

| >>724271 gay porn depends on the guys in it but>50% turns me on. with regards to furries, they follow the same rule.

| Most vanilla shit, but the step sis shit I don't like,
I do like tits tho, but not really fake tits. Sometimes fake tits get me feelin horny and disgusted. An interesting feeling to have.
A bit of CBT and BDSM now and then if I'm feeling spicy,
I don't mind furry/scalie shit,
But Hentai and 2D waifu shit is my most fapped to.


| futa x femboy

| I used to be into deep troath, amateur gang bangs and generally slutty stuff

But ever since I started getting laid I've gravitated towards vanilla stuff like sexy women posing, ecchi and stuff like that. It's way better.

| Bbc in thiccies

| I only like hypnosis. I want to own every girl I meet.

| >>724272

I know about that, but still kinda not into it if that makes sense

| Hehe pretty interesting kinks you all have, and yeah just vanilla stuff or even just some straight videos that aren't "kinky" can be a real turn on if timed right

| I have a true love fetish.

| I'd say I have a pretty good range; vanilla, gay, loli, it's mostly all good. But the real shit to me is just the complete dispare of someone while having sex. This includes things like rape, NTR, snuff, hypnosis (when unhopnotised mid sex) and things like that.

Never big a fan at all of bara and anything related to or close to scat, It's just bleh.

| >>724702 >>724696 you two are the two extremes of the spectrum, i personally don't get th appeal of ntr but look up @thiccwithaQ but, i can definitely understand it lol

| >>724470 you get it g/u/rl

| Tho I also like me some childhood friend stuff, and shipping from the shows/games I like

Tho also from time to time I just feel like being fucked up, I haven't fallen for eroguro. Yet

| Mostly BDSM-relatef stuff.
Sex is about emotions - and they are way purer when you're on a george of being torn apart by lit scented candles. Vanilla shit is usually either way too staged or unprofessional for my liking.

| Verge. Not George. Although...

| A range, but rope bondage is top tier

| Self insert characters of me and my boyfriend but as girls as they fug. Specific but good.

| A wide range of types, but especially incest.
Also >>724844 this is hot asf.

| >>724470
it is now time for you to kill yourself

| >>724844 i guess that sex its mostly what you make it of it, for some it might be a way to be intimate with someone, others may see it purely carnal and simply do it in order to relief some stress, even a way to wind off, and vanilla stuff despite it being "simple" it can still be really hot depending on what you're looking for

| >>725127 incest with porn actors or in stuff like doujins or Hentai?

| Idk what's up with incest but while I legit wouldn't wanna even touch my sisters, having that taboo always makes it a bit more hawt (I guess it's more risqué?)

>>725399 personal opinion Hentai and especially Doujin are better then live action in telling a story, thus I feel its better for role fetishes like incest. Mostly cause the suspence of disbelief, as you know the actual porn actors aren't related

| >>725399 both of them, but I prefer on doujins.
>>725447 same for me. I guess it's appeal is knowing the actors or characters involved are doing something "morally wrong".

| >>724792 patrician fetish
>>724680 amazing that vanilla is the outlier here you're probably the person with the best sexlive around here.

I really like tickling the individuals involved don't really matter hetero/bi/gay is all fine. As long as the story doesn't contain ntr it's all great.

| Deep love

| >>724750
A fellow person of culture, I see

| /ss/

| i'll admit it
rape (in hentai)
after i got a gf i started digging more tame stuff, but it was always super awkward when someone asks me my fetishes and i just sheepishly say "vanilla"

| >>726127
if your gf asked your fetishes then she prolly wants to fulfill them

| >>726127 youre dangerous

| 3d futanari

| Call me old school, but everything is better with tentacles~

| >>726182 based

| >>726127 My first Hentai was accidently a rape Hentai which confused and aroused me for a long time. Am I the rapist? Am I the girl getting raped? Am I a cuck who wants to be NTR'd?

By now I just accept it as a dom fantasy, but whenever someone asks I'm just mention the tags besides the rape tag, like "Futa on Male", "Trap", etc.

| My go-to tame answer. Girl getting screwed while she's on the phone talking to a friend

| Tan girls

| >>725154
Lmao okay micropeen kyle

| >>724591 you're dangerous.

| more like dangero/u/s

| >>726872 ayyyyy

| Essentially only H-doujinshi. I've started getting into traps/femboys recently, but I've historically had a thing for dark skin/gals and loli.

| Inflation, slime, green skin, orcs, the usual.

| I'm the average kinda sick fuck; Incest, rape/reverse rape, loli/shota

| >>727252 tanned skin for life...

| I like POV, not necessarily for the self-insert, more of to avoid hearing the male actor moaning because it's a big turn off for me. Other than that, I like cosplay. Don't have to be anime cosplay, just that clothed sex is so much more interesting than your standard naked ones.

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