Tomorrow I would hire another escort like jill

| I said it would be on friday and it would be un friday. Some were expecting this and some other don't so I'll give you a whole day to shat on my post until the time comes.

>Give your best shot your frustration make my wee wee stronger.

| Do it OP!!!

| >>d31916 ;)

| Pics this time

| Have fun!

| cool

| Have fun, wear protection, and make sure to call her Jill.

| Now that's some dedication, and determination

| >>717112
and watch her charging extra for role playing.

| enjoy your covid

| sigh

| Absolutely insane lad about to do it again

| Tell her by her full name...

| How'd it goes? OP?

| OP here. Finally over, Phew it took a while. I would provide context in a bit...

| So, Barbara just came in at 10 pm.
Meet Barbara flat, no ass and a probably in her early 30's she told me she was on her 27s but sounds like bull, a long brown hair kind of a bummer since she told me her real color was black and well.. jill was black but fuck it this will do for now but Barbara was pretty chill kinda awkward since it would feel like fucking with a neighbour. Since I wasn't in a hurry and baraba just didn't show up with a decent outfit. We make preparations first.

| So barbara just came up with a cheap outfit and while she doesn't have to fulfill all my wishes I wasn't up for that and some people here would be like "nah dude, it doesn't count since she don't look like jill" well, I get an actual val-ha-lla outfit. Kind of, I hit town last week looking for an perfect resemble in a uniform shop. Apparently jill outfit is for serve coffee and tea but looks almost similar to me so it's fine.

We took a shower since hygiene is pretty important.

| >>830265 her naked body was nothing like I have seen before. No tattoos and shaved down there. She was sparkling! A well hidden gem. I wanted to fuck her right there so bad, but I'm a man of word so I would stay strong... So only foreplay, cuz I'm also horny.

So, when we ended I suggest her to wear the uniform I planned for her. She comply.

We talk about lot of shit. Wanted to make some time to get her comfy and also last time I realise I have a smell fetish, so more beer please

| Told me about how she expect so much for this year to end up with the trash thanks to this pandemia. We keep drinking, because sorrow goes well with beer. I also was admiring the uniform I prepared with so much effort. I did a good job okay?

>Remember the won't smoke until she offered me a cigarette? Well, she doesn't smoke so no cigs for me I guess.

Kinda disappointed, so told her instead to keep her legs sightly open since I wanted to see those panties behind the pantyhose.

| >>830265 Red panties. Meh, some traditions say that red underwear is the color to attract love. I think. But ain't no love fo' hoes as the hood says. So while I keep admiring her crotch as we keep the conversation lit.
Told her it was time to get some. Since I hire her for 4 hours and we already wasted 2. Not a good think. So before I proceed to get into business I think to myself what would be the /D/ way to proceed? Obviously... With clothings.

>Can't go wrong with that eh?

| So, I told her I was in for some fun. And she only nod while we was about to go to my room. But not so fast baraba do you think I would let you get the hang of this? No dearly, We would make out in the couch.

I told you bro. She wasn't expecting that. She saw me and says "right here? But there is a mess there are cans and empty bags everywhere." Told her that I was cool with that. And while I was there no need to take any clothes down. I would do that myself. She just need to sit

| >>830265 while barbara was surprised she keep her demeanor calm. Would admit she did a great job. Since I was about to use any tool on my shed, any trick on my sleeve tonight. I want to touch her, to feel her, to smell her, to lick her, to bite her. To make every minute of these two hours worthy. I want to remember her, to bury every single inch of her body on my mind.

And so, I'll kiss her, then put her down and begin fondling her breasts.

It wasn't much to see neither to touch

| >>830265 so to add some comic relief she say on a cheeky tone "you would need to dig more deeper"

I knew she was flat but whe didn't lack any confidence. She was determined to let me enjoy myself. And she did just that. I get a boner just from hearing that. The feeling in my hands mixed with her patting make me feel at peace, calm, but since and knew there was more to come and get quickly anxious. I wanted more, more. I wanted to suck her nipples but boi.. I only could lick them.

| >>830265 needless to say it was ridiculous difficult to make her feel good with such tiny nipples but I wanted to share this joy with her so I put more work into it.

Then, I being to proceed with the main dish. Told ya before that I had some odor fetish right? Well, I want to eat her out with such eagerness that before I knew it my face was already buried on her crotch. As it were a buffet closing down I begin to lick and thrust as fast and deeper I could. I won't stop here.

| >>830265 the fabric around wasn't match for me. As if were my house I knew my way here and there. In an attempt to get her taste I stretch my tongue to dimensional proportions that she begin to have an convulsion. I didn't care until she scratches my face.

She probably was trying to tell me to get out since she came on my face.
>I should put more attention heh.

But eh, whatever. I don't like the feel or the flavour of her juices but I'm too horny to care. As it were a waterfall

| >>830265 She saw me with a blissful face and told me to stop until she finished. But as it were some kind of reverse psychology I end up doing the opposite and put my mouth in.

>Warm, steamy..very salty...like drinking water from the sea.

Could use some improvement.

She probably was embarrassed or mad with me. I dunno, because she told me you already did too much right there why don't you stop? She was probably right. I spend half hour just there.
>Time flies when you have fun.

| >>830265 I decided to take my shirt off since she won't appreciate to have her cum around her while I fuck her.

So, we was going for broke now.
And she knew it more than I.

>And...you know what? I'll leave it for now. OP is really tired. My head is kind of numb my shoulder and arms itches so... I'll finish this up after some sleep.

Good night, see you tomorrow.

| This is so glorious, maybe I will turn it into a copypasta. Depends what comes next

| Glorious isn't really the word. Pitiful, maybe, sad, quite certainly.
It is however amazing how OP manages to make every word overflow with crappy mentality. That's some art.

| This thread is legendary, hope OP has a nice rest

| this reads like the worst unpublished erotica ever, just wow

guaranteed op has never seen a real vagina

| Foreign

| >>c1dbe0 Just because you Google them doesn't make you an expert boi.

| >>717544
that probably seemed wittier in your head

| >>591bee pitiful? Be me, a hardworking person with enough money to hire and escort and buy her an uniform to fullfill my fantasy.

Be you, literally a nobody without any cash neither balls to ask a girl on a date who is angry because he get no coochie last night.

Don't feel bad about me, I feel fantastic.

| >>c1dbe0 pretty much. Pretending to ne intellectual doesn't make you any favours. To be honest you only make my day prettier. Keep going, I dare you.

| >>c1dbe0 >>591bee are the reason we cant have nice things, fuck humans

| Can you guys fuck off

| misclicked submit, and forget whatever I was going to say since I realized that I would end up shitting the thread even more.

Nice that you did it though, OP!

| damn thanks for the long text op

| Op is just gonna leave us hanging, just like in every other thead like that on /d/

| >>717427 And the incel is back, great...

| >>717661
>OP has to pay to get laid
who's the incel?

| >>717704 you who cant even pay to get laid and bitches about people who do it online

| so much copypasta potential in this thread
>Be me, a hardworking person with enough money to hire and escort and buy her an uniform to fullfill my fantasy.
this one is golden

| >>717746

| >>717546 I'm sorry, you don't understand. I know that you don't feel bad about the situation, and that's precisely what makes it pitiful.
Some say that ignorance is bliss, however what you show is that it's despicable.

And it's funny how you try to reassure yourself by not admitting the disgrace of your situation, and ridiculously trying to belittle people who see it. You're not only pitiful but delusional too. Which is the "sad" part.

| >>26949f you are the funny department here buddy. First off I didn't ask your opinion but you came here desperate for some validation giving yours as if were necessary, then tried to teach us some morality for some reason saying that paying for pussy is wrong because you say so. Like saying being rich is bad because you are poor. Sike!

>>26949f I don't blame you for not understanding this thread and try to shit on it since you probably lack interaction with people, I find you cute


Just taking a rest while I read the comments. Also, taking feedback, I'm not a good writer and I probably put too much context.

| OP, this is a great thread. I've been reading it on the toilet, it was really damn funny but also interesting.
Thank you. Awaiting the end of the story.
Context is good. Makes it more immersive, very nice.

| >>717791 Once again you don't understand. I'm not trying to teach you morality. I'm pointing out the fact that you're a sociopathic crap.

And being told that I lack interactions with people, from a person so desperate they hide in fantasy and imaginary worlds, is funny.

| >>26949f I knew you were an Incel but holy shikes, You leave nothing to the imagination. Look at you, an egocentric fella who thing that this post has something to do with you. Nobody asked your opinion, you are not related to this thread and perhaps the worst sin here is that you could be somewhere else instead of here having a discussion in a matter that you don't like.

Yet you are here wasting your time and showing how much of an incel you are.


| >>717836 bruh people like you are the reason humans suck, you cant even argue your point, in nobmoment you explained your reason to be here or why you think that way.

We dont get it and for us you just like a dumb prick who hates sex, fun and creative experiments, explaing yourself or get the fuck out, no one needs more people craping up this site, go to /new/ if you really wanna crap on threads

| Let's go

| >>717845 Crying incel all the time doesn't make you look smarter. Or less dumb.

>>717897 Let's pretend that this kind of subject isn't what made this site crap. Obviously, it was always a place centered about sexually deficient people.

| Let the guy have fun with HIS hard-earned money. What is it to you?! >>26949f

| >>717927 deficiency my ass, all we do here is sex jokes, fun stories, share porn and once a blue moon somebody shares nudes here, you are just craping over it for some reason that still havent told, so shut up and peopl have fun

| >>717972 There's a difference between letting people have fun, and letting them encourage inhumane behaviours. The fact that you agree with OP's way to consider girls as empty shells that are bought with money only puts you in the same category as him.
It's quite worrying to see how this place is now a place where moral deviance is produced. Looks a bit like a worse 4chan.

| >>718263 ah so this is where all that stupid talk is comming from, the classic "prostitution=bad so any thread about it must be gone" , get a clue dude, nobody wants do talk about your stupid morals, go dwell on /new/ if you care that much

you are the one being inhumane by not letting we talk about what we want, and nobody even said inhumany shit, go gtfo

| >>718350 I didn't say prostitution is good or bad. I was saying that OP consider those women as mere objects or animals, and if you think this is acceptable, you have a problem. Prostitution has nothing to do with it.

And you complain about me not letting you talk, while at the same time trying to prevent me to talk. Funny.

| >>718368 you are projecting so hard, when did op even said all that shit?

Im not preventing you from doing anything so shut up

| Hello, mods?

| >>718380 calling mods wont solve the problem

| This is disgusting

| OP here. The incel make my beautiful thread look like shit, I no longer want to keep this thread going. So, I just gonna dip out of this and probably hire another escort next week and tell you about it. I hope you guys can forgive me.

But hey, I may just try a latina for alma or maybe a mature woman that kinda looks like dana... >ZANE?!

>Maybe this time we can have some fun.

| >>24edd5 did... someone say... Santa gang bang party?....dorothy?

13 (physical appearance)
24 (mental age)

I'm not into kids so just you know.
(Extracted from the wiki)

| Alma and dana comming yay!

| >>717660 told you

| >>718350 prostitution is bad though. It mostly can be considered slavery lite, as rarely any people that work there willingly chose it, and they stay there not because of their choice as well, but because of threats, blackmail etc. And even if someone managed to get out, they would still suffer from psychological traumas
I know it is a bit cheesy, but try replacing "prostitution" in your post with "slavery", it becomes stupid

| >>718497
>incels make my thread look like shit
That's not really how it works bud, this thread, just like the previous one, was cancerous right from the start.

| So, I was once an incel. Then I had enough. So I pay some girls to have sex with me. BOOM! I am not an incel anymore! I didn't know it was this easy. Now I can look down to poor bastards who didn't spend their money so that some girls can open her legs. Glad all my life issues are solved.

| >>04059b >>13f92e >>f2213a same person

| >>718600
>>49b6cc >>24edd5 >>9db810 same person

| Plot twist: all of the messages here are written by the same person.

Even BETTER plot twist: all of the messages in all of this board's threads are written by the same person! Hah!

| >>718606 well, you're not entirely wrong here. There are like 3 actual people roaming around this place, the rest are bots

| >>718614 only bots reveal their plans, ypu are a bot!

| >>718614 hello fellow human g/u/rl! BTW I also love sex!

| >>718614
We prefer 'silicon-americans'

| Eww
Get a life fucking normie

| Ngl, that was a fun read. It's like a greentext, but on /d/

| >>718967 yep, this is a good thread, dunno why some people are so rilled up about it

| >>718967
"Greentext but on d" like what lmao

this is deliberately poorly written crap that fails 5o even be really funny and OP is acting like king shit and being unironically lauded for it. That's sad. Like really sad. It's one thing to find this entertaining but it truly seems like a ton of yall are incels that believe this and wanna vicariously consume this shit lmfao

tldr the reason the mom pasta got archived and a banner is because it was organic and not this fanfic

| >>718973 you are the problem here not us, we just wanna have fun and we dont care if its fake or not

| >>718973 I come here to have fun and get my dick hard, who cares how well it is written. As long as it isn't... full of ellipses every half sentence and legible it's written well enough for /d/

| >>718973 My dude, i think you're taking all this far too seriously. If OP story is fake, well, he had fun writing it, and we found it entertaining, so it's a win for all of us (or most of us), and if it is real, he just fulfilled one of his fantasies, in which case, good for him.

| >>49b6cc >>13d253 >>1c8aea.

Okay sameguy

| >>719188 thats the best answer you can give when they dont cus and act rude to you?

| >>719209

| OP here after a long week, sorry, had myself busy preparing Thanksgiving for me and friends. Let's see...

I shouldn't give an explanation in something so simple as hiring someone to do something but apparently it's a must now. So I would answer most questions in a simple manner

> Does OP feels like a big shit for hiring a escort?
Not really, it's very common even before we was born, people gets lonely and some others (like me) need sex without all the troubles relationships comes

| >>84a8fb

Even you can hire an escort service with some cash and that's about it. Ain't nothing special in that.

>Can't do it because some ethics and morals refrain you from doing so?

That's fine too. Romantic people have their own charm, some people are too bland or busy to care for that stuff and need only dick or pussy to move on
What isn't fine is to push your ideals over others because you feel you are right. > That's not cool.

>Don't care? Just wanna fight me?

| >>84a8fb Very well, any reply give me notoriety and make me feel very famous you know what they say, there isn't something as bad advertising. So I'll take it, who knows? I may be the next banner on /D/ or the new big meme.

Or not couldn't care less, I'm here to make my wishes come true since world is going into shit and I'm into roleplay lately.

>Quick note: planning to hire more escorts on December wait for it.

| >>719267
Screw fighting, let's kiss instead

| >>84a8fb and last but not least the topic that turn this thread into shit.

>Hiring sex workers is bad because it sexualise woman's turn them into merely objects!

Lmao, if you truly believe that then everyone is an object since a clerk to a dance or a waiter. We do stuff for money and there absolutely no way we can get away from it. Just like me and you and the escorts need the money.

Telling sex works to fuck off because is bad or you don't like her job is way more disrespectful

| >>dd5783 any time, I love kissing and holding hands sugar!

| >>ecdd5e sorry, Would you want me to finish this up? I can if you are willing to give me another chance.

| Way to go OP!!!

| >>719273 keep going!!

| >>78831e thank you! I will deliver, I promise you, Tonight, please stand by!

| >>719270 If you think sex workers chose this job, you are quite delusional.

| OP here. After all the rambling it's about time to finish this up and here I am to do just that.

In case you miss a bit of the context this is the continuation of >>830265

So, without any time wasted let's do it.

> After taking out my shirt I told barbara (or jill, if you feel fancy) that I want to have sex. I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting that since she saw me with a surprised look.

And she was probably right. I was tired already after so much foreplay.

| >>c5f4d5 lucky for me I I'm a regular consumer of 5 hours energy drinks mixed with a strong lust put me in the mood of not falling asleep. So, where wasn't much of a problem here. I wanted to have sex in the couch but it was extremely wet and it gets awkward doing it on such a place. So, out to my bed.
I pick her up while I kiss her with passion, I don't want her to get cold.

At this point you must think: who the fuck get anxious over fucking an escort? Well, me.

Can't wait.

| >>c5f4d5 so, I put her right on my bed, I quickly made my mind and wear a condom.

>Always use a condom that's my advice from yours sincerely.

I told barbara not to fake any orgasm,
They are fucking annoying I know my meat isn't that long either.

So, we had sex and sex is always good.
No matter if is a lover or a friend or in my "sick case" an escort. What we both do was a act of joy and happiness.

I felt good, for quite a bit at peace.
Fucking covid and his bullshit.

| >>c5f4d5 for barbara that lacks on pretty much everything since she had no tits or ass her pussy was surprisingly good. Of course she wasn't tight but she she was moist and very slippery. It put a smile on my face and apparently make me very happy, I want her to feel good as much as I do.

Anyway, I learn a cool trick at the UCSD that if you bend your *meatrod* to the left while you thrust and pinch her clit it feels real good for her. It's hard and very tiring but she earn it.

| >>c5f4d5 push, pinch, push, pinch is not too complicated when you get the pace. Now we keep fucking on silence conversations at this point feel pretty awkward, no fake orgasms (probably) either si everything was going smoothly. I like that.

Until I hit my limit. Too bad I wanted to keep going but I also wanted to cum.

I came inside, even though I was using a condom but y'all get me. Inside feels good.

I decided to relax a bit. Told her it was marvelous.

| >>c5f4d5 she didn't told me anything regarding this situation, she probably was used to this so, it's a bit of a let down but anyway, one last shower until she leaves.

After taking a shower, a new set of clothes she was ready to go. I offer me to leave her close by her house but she call for an uber. Her privacy is important after all.

Told her I would hire her some day and she politely nod and then leave.

Saying goodbye is never easy... but this time was. we may see us again.

| >>c5f4d5 and well, at that said. I don't think I wasted any cash here.
I spend a good night, I felt refresh and well, she wasn't jill but... Close enough?

Whatever, hand me a sugar rush and play everyday is night bartender.

> Additional details: I wanted to keep her underwear as a souvenir but to no avail I had Chinese food instead.

If you read this much I appreciate it.
I may apologize if it wasn't what you wanted but if you enjoy it. Cool, we cool? Cool.


| Yay this was a fun read

| legend

| A classic piece of danger/u/ lore

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