How to be a sexy femboy?

| Rn I'm a tol, bone thin & broke ass collage student, so I don't imagine for one bit that it'd gonna be easy. But that's exactly what makes me feel like I shouldn't hold off on things I want to do in my life. I'd be way more confident to try and hook up with actual people if I looked sexy in a fem way

Only thing I got going for me for this I feel is my medium wavey brown hair and pretty eyelashes. What would be like the first thing I could work on?

| I would need to see you first homie. Full body pic, clothed in either your usual fit or your best fit, or both. You can censor your eyes or whatever makes you feel more comfortable, but to help you with your looks I can't do much with just a text description.

| Posting images of yourself online, especially attached to a thread like this, is inadvisable.

| ...why you'd post this on /d/? We are talking styling, not anal training.
Get into makeup, proper hygene and exercise. Exfoliate, moisturise - get some basic research done, this stuff varies depending on your skintype. Get slimmer without building muscle. Stay away from hormones and herbal medicine. Find a female friend that'll help you to develop a proper style and stop from turning into tasteless bimbo. Unless that's your thing.
That's it. Hygene, makeup, health. Ain't r/science.

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