Traps plz


| >a box held up by a stick with a string attaches

| >a pile of leaves over a thin weave of sticks suspended over a shallow pit

| >leaves over shadow
>thorn hungers for flesh
>this tree whispers to me

| >a pressure plate that brings forth spikes from the ground

| Pidorasi

| >a string at foot level that, one tugged, pulls the trigger of a hidden firearm, which can be a shotgun if trap is set indoors, or a hunting rifle if outdoors

| >a boy so stylish and cute but is actually a girl
>limited time gacha events/units
>cookie that looks like chocolate chip, but is actually raisins

| >a wooden, pressure activated plate that once activated will release a redstone signal that reaches through the wooden floor and further transmits the signal into a network of redstone wiring which in turn activates the multiple TNT blocks layed out in a pattern underneath the flooring you are standing on

| I'd just like to say, I'm really happy with where this thread went.

| >Katana -- this sword is so overhyped by weebs for no apparent reasons. There are many better alternatives in both the easternn and the western world

| >>717393 That's actually kind of interesting. What are your favorite alternatives I wanna research em

| >>717459
my personal favorite are the european one-handed swords for their compromise between weight, blade length and overall versatility.

For more information I recommend the youtube channels Skalkagrim, Shadiversity, Metatron.

| >Early Access games in like 2012-2018

| >a "job" where you need to buy the things corporate wants you to sell

| >A door attached to a trigger of a shotgun behind it, barrel facing the door.

| Overpaying for college, because `you can't put a price on education.'

| Not being a dropout and going to college.


| Trap and needing money reporting lol

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