what's so funny about CUM?


| Yes, yes it is

| It's like fountain, and fountains are fun

| Hahaha coom... What were you saying op?

| Semen demon~ <3

| The Cum Zone

| YOUR cum WON'T last!

| what isn't funny about cum

| >>715872 pregnancy

| It drives from the comedy factor that is attributed to the male genital known as the penis wich has its comedy driven from the facf that it seen as a shameful thing to expose and opens up the door to the inner desires of the human mind, like sex wich is also taboo and thus gains an unexpected factor, wixh does help since the unexpected seems to be highly associated with comedy

| So cum is fun, welcome to the cum fun zone

| It just is. Don't worry, you'll CUM around sooner or later.


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