Ok so...

| I know this sounds so weird and messed up but I'm into stalking and stuff- like I want to be the one being stalked. I dunno how to phrase this but i read stalking concepts and they're so cute to me :( someone loves you so much that they're always watching you and they know it schedule. It makes me warm inside.

| Wholesome stalking

| Stalking is about posession and almost always ends in violence so unless you're cool with being kidnapped and living in their basement bathroom or dismemebered and kept in their freezer I'd consider sticking to 2d yandere waifus

| This. Just... oh man. I totally get you g/u/rl

Desperately need some Ghostface fella in my life

| >>715435 Well, yeah, that's the idea (。・・。) Not sure if op is on it with me though, I'm definitely not into the "cute" side of stalking and everything that comes with it.

If no sly bastard is seriously going to invade my daily routine, terrifying the shit out of me in the process, then what's the damn point?

| >>715419 romancing stalking is little rare.. me myself as person who is feel as yandere i must say that me myself i feel bad for my act..

| >>715435 don't be like this, it's rude from you :c

| >>6b975e omg I don't want that :o I want them to be nice to me not dismember me. That's so scary gosh :(

| Every breath you take

And every move you make

Every bond you break, every step you take

I'll be watchin' you…

| >>f5f9fa
Nice white ID, or pretty damn close to white. Seen a black one, but never a white one.

| >>715548
That's a very light grey though, is it not?

| >>c015fe ok stfu>:( it's nice to IMAGINE that scenario every once in a while

| >>10ce44 I love that song :)

| >>715587
I know, I've watched you listen to it.

| Admittedly I'm more of a light yandere fan but I love it when after horror stalking and getting kidnapped it turns into romance stalking

I'd honestly want someone to take me out of my boring daily life and fuck my brains out, tho I'd like to survive as well

| >>6349ca same!! That's all I want :( someone that loves me so much they have to have me :')

| >>a030cc that's hot <3

| Doesn't sound too different from ravishment/noncon fantasies to me.

| >>715996 Yeah I'll admit it's basically a rape fetish but the rapist doesn't dump you to run away

| >>716253 I mean rape fetishes are a contradiction in and of itself, so yeah you're not that smart for pointing it out g/u/rl.



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