8h edging?

| I've been going for 2h now, and it's either stop now, or go for 8h. Help me /d/

| Nope sorry, only 2 and a half hours

| Probably for the best. It starts hurting at some point

| stop

| Start over

| 24h edging, let's fucking go g/u/rls!!!

| It's doable if you have foreskin it doesn't actually start hurting that quickly assuming you're a guy

| >>715316 edge all day and cum when you will going to sleep anon xd

| >>715385 danger/d/ edging contest when

| >>715343 I guess, but not after quite some time apparently

>>715344 I did...

>>715352 perhaps?

>>715385 perhaps not...

>>715394 yes, I am in fact, a guy, but everybody knows that there are only g/u/rls on the internet. Also, I guess my foreskin is durable...

>>715454 uh, after i cum? I get sleepy after I nut

>>715499 YES. YES PLEASE.

| >>715709 see? best sleep for you xd


| For some reason I couldn't edge normally for last 5 days, I just end up accidentally ruining myself. Sorry I just wanted to share but it's not worth standalone thread.

| Rp aside, does anyone edge for more than like 2h? Wth?

| >>717478 i do

| >>717478
Yes. Sometimes. Usually when I haven't fapped for 3 or so days and I want to make it count

| I suppose that I'm the only one who barely fapped in October, and went straight to do NNN without noticing much difference

| >>717478 yep

| I'm op, btw

| >>717903
Dunno if I should take pride in this, or get worried, because a dead sex drive usually hints about being in constant survival mentality / giving up

| >>717933 who said anything about a dead sex drive?

| I just edge for long amounts of time

| 3 and a half hours now!

| 4 hours woo

| 4 and a half hours

| 5 hours woooot

| Damn, I came after 5 hours and 45 mins

| >>717937
I did, about myself...

| >>718279 oh fuck my bad, misread

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