I finally kinda understand hentai

| Like it's visually no replacement for actual porn but the voice acting is far and away better than the repetitive halfassed moans in most porn

| Крольчачья лапка + крольчачья норка = Hentai with rabbit

| For me its the fact that real porn bodies most of the time look saggy and awful as all hell while in hentai the women consistently have unrealisticly proportioned and attractive bodies so thats nice

| I got bad news for you about bodies

| I personally find the expression irreplaceable by normal porn. No, I'm not talking the over the top ahegao, I am talking about all the blushing and flustered expressions.

| Also all the stuff that's literally impossible irl

| One day I'll make irl tentacle porn that doesn't rely on costumes, robotics or dead marine life.

| >>715218
I'm curious to see that.

| >>715160
You don't know anything about hentai do you?

| The real good thing about hentai is, that no people get harmed. The porn industry is a really shady one...

| >>715299 How would you know? No hentai starts with the message 'No animators were harmed during the making of this video'.

Won't anyone think about our animators?!

| 2D booba


| >>715328 shit u rite

| >>715328
...what if that's my fetish?

| Hentai turned me into a porn with plot kinda g/u/rl. Dunno live actors always feel a bit less real, like they're not REALLY childhood friends or whatever

| Know that makes 0 sense, but drawings (or animation, I'm more into doujins) has more that suspension of disbelief


| I honestly lurk the vanilla tab just to find a happy story.

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