Destroy me please!

| Tell me all the bad things. Tear me down, but in a horny way. Destroy me!!!

| Well then

| You have a very high sex appeal.

| You're cute.

| Someone out there is searching desperately for you, crying out desperately to be with you and love you with all their heart and all their soul.

| I- this is not what I meant!

| Great responses, well done. Just woke up and already had a laugh.

| I love you.

| I- thank you! But, but this is not what I wanted! Be mean please! Bully me!

| I love you

| Pretty

| I bet you're the cutest g/u/rl on this site

| Can I get bullied too?

| >>8020b9 You're not worth talking to. Your only worth is for using your holes.

| If you want this give leatherman 300$

| >>715091
Nah ah! No way! I'm not cute. I'm not pretty either >>715059 !!!

Why are you doing it to that g/u/rl and not to me! Please!

Who's the leatherman? I also don't have that much money! I'm not rich! I just want you to destroy me and not be such niceies!

| maximum bulli

| >>715155 oh my gosh you're such a cutie

| This is too funny omg. Poor OP lmao

| >>715103 you are not close enough to the floor! You think you have the right to speak like normal human, you lowly dog!? You are only allowed to whimper from now on!

| >>715177
No! Stop it!

It's not funny! They're being mean by being nice when I want them to be mean! I just want to be bullied!

Why can't you say that to me?

| >>715103 you fucking slut why don't you go hunting dick on other board

| >>715260
Stop replying to that g/u/rl! I always get excited because I think it's for me but it's always to that g/u/rl! Stop! Tell me the mean things! Tell me I'm a slut! Tell me I'm worthless! Please!

| >>715263 there no way i could say anything bad about a cute g/u/rl like you <3

| >>715266
Then, I, you just make something up! I'm not cute anyways so stop saying that. Even if you don't mean the words just please be mean to me!

| bitch i would whip and slap you so hard... but only if you had a wasp on you because you're too precious to get stung like that, so i would swat it off without actually hurting you...

| >>715275
That's not funny...
You got me super excited and then super not excited! You're just being a bully without being bully...

| When compliments are sadistic and bullying is an act of charity...
You're so twisted g/u/rls!

| You better suck on my cock and choke now

| >>715301
Twisted! That includes me, right?

Yes please! Yes! I will! Gladly! Thank you!

| >>715372 Awwww. What a good girl.

| >>714852 i'm sorry i can't find destroy manual ;-;

| >>715533
No! Don't react like that! Don't treat me nice! Treat me like the scummy scum I am!

Look harder or do it without manual! Please!

| >>715563 uhmm... i can try... *headpat* it's well right that? :o

| >>601150 I wouldn't rely on danger/u/ for your domination fix lmao

| >>715564
I, no! That was cute and sweet! You need to do the opposite!

But, but some g/u/rls are super mean sometimes! Why can't they be mean when I ask them too? You don't even have to destroy me! Just at least hurt me a little bit! Please!

| >>715578 opposite way are you saying?:o hmm.. ohh, i think that i get it! *penispat* xd

| >>715578 an idea, OP. Maybe post your disgustingly adorable face or your throbing massive dicc in here. Maybe after that, gurls would destroy you.

| >>715583
*Slaps away hand*
T-thank you, but, no!

Why would I need to give my identity for you g/u/rls to be mean to me? That's not fair at all!

| i guess you're just a subservient piece of trash that can only seek degenerate pleasure in being degraded. filth.

| >>715696
Because you are an adorable and precious g/u/rl. I bet you make all the guys blush when you hold their hand because you are so gosh-darn cute!

| >>715723
Nah ah! I'm not!

Yes! I am! I can't help it. I'm just a horrible, scummy, degenerate piece of shit.

| >>715696 it's pretty difficult to understand, what you really want :o

| >>715755
Just call me mean names and say mean stuff to me! Insult me until I cry and beg you to stop and then continue! Very please!

| >>715843 you won't get any ice-cream if you will act like that :c

| >>715858
I- I don't need ice cream! I can buy it myself!

| >>715867 You're so self-sufficient! And cool! Can you by an ice-cream for me?

| >>715867 than... i will buy you ice-cream if you will still act like that :o

| >>715878
No no no! Or, I suppose I could buy you an ice cream, but, can you please insult me at least a little bit first?

Still act like how? What? No! I don't need ice cream! I don't need it! I can buy it later! Just, please insult me. Please say mean things to me. I'm begging you...

| >>715889 Can you please insult me, pretty mistress? You're so dominant! And stoic! Everyone wants to obey you! I'll bee a good g/u/rl for you and that ice-cream.

| Your wish to get verbally destroyed just shows that you're a self-centered person that seeks for attention because your mommy/daddy didn't gave you enough. But the worst thing is that you offered so few information about you that it's impossible to give you the negative attention you seek for so desperately. Yes, you suck at begging for attention!

| >>715892
Oh? Really? Please continue explaining why I suck and how my parents hate me. Please continue explaining how horrible I am at this!

No, no, I'm really not. You've got it all wrong.

| >>715889 you are pretty cute brat xd

| >>715894 B-but... Don't be so harsh.

| >>715894 Hey how does it feel like knowing that if we all were in the same room we'd gangrape your bratty ass into a cumdumpster but only cause we think it's a really cute bratty ass?

| >>715898
Look how pathetic you are. You went in yelling but now come out silent. And stop stuttering. That makes you appear even more pathetic.

| >>715897
No! Am not! Stop!

I'm sorry! I, wait, no. I'm not being harsh!

It feels, nice in a way! I want to be destroyed even if your reasons for doing it aren't what I want! Any destruction please!

But, but how pathetic am I?

| >>715889 i'm sorry this is my way how do i insult people :c do you know what? i have idea! ^^

you can act mean to me.. and than, what i will learn from you i can try on you ^^

| >>715907
Pathetic enough to ask people in a textboard to "destroy you in a horny way" Are you such a coward that you can't ask people in person? Is the lack of affection your parents gave that high?

| >>715911
No! That's not fair!

I don't have any friends or partner, and yes. My parents hate me a lot. Like, a lot a lot. It's very understandable that they do.

| Oh, and, please continue.

| >>715933 but i want only do best things for you :c

| >>715936
Being mean is the best for me dummy! It makes me aroused and stuff!

| >>715945 i feel strong destroying aura from you.. feel free to hurt me ^^

| >>715945 >>715955 Me too!

| >>715955 >>715956
No! Stop it! I'm a nice g/u/rl! I don't have destroying aura! I just like when people destroy me! I don't get horny by hurting others! I'm a subby!

| >>715976 But you are so good at rejecting us! Natural top.

| >>715977
No no no no NO!!!!! You just need to be more domanating with me! Very please. I need it.

| >>715979 And so persistent! Meek sluts like myself and>>aefe85 are naturally attracted to your resolve. Can't hide all that dom in 'ya.

| Bitch nigga. No, that's too kind. Bitch ass nigga.

| >>715979 i'm sorry, but you are master of dominance xd

| >>715980 >>715998
Please stop. I don't like this. I don't like being dominant. I want someone to dominate me. Is that too much to ask?

I'm sorry. I'm not black so that doesn't really work.

| >>716137 You're such a pathetic sub that we see you as a dom. That doesn't turn you on? Come on, show me how wrong I am. Put me in my place.

| >>716137 ;-; boondocks

| >>716150
No! I can't do that! I'm too pathetic and helpless and weak. I'm bad at being the sub I am and I'm even worse as a dom.

| >>716178 Every time I read your responses to this thread, it makes me smile

| >>716315
Why? No! I mean, I, if I can make someone happy then that's nice but why?

| >>716319
So adorable. You'd make the cutest sub.

| >>716325
Thank you! So please, be dominant to me. Tell me mean stuff and destroy me please!

| >>716137 it's nothing wrong on being dominantly cute :3 i really love your aura <3

| >>716395
I, thank you? I think so at least. That's really sweet of you but I don't really want sweet stuff. I don't deserve sweet stuff and I want to be dominated and told mean stuff! So could you please do that please?

| >>716402 *giving a cupcake* here :3

| >>716404
I don't really want that please. I'm sorry. I'm already really big. I can save it for later maybe. Thank you. But please don't be nice to me anymore.

| >>716418 maybe i can destroy you.. but promise me, will you follow my instructions, ok?

| >>716430
Mhhhhhhh... maybe. I can't accept it without seeing it first can I?

| >>716517 i'm sorry i'm really strict about this :c if you don't want being dominated by me, than i will respect it

| >>716532
I want you to be dominant with me! Please! Haven't I been entertaining enough? Please just try at least. I'm begging you.

| >>716534 I'm happy to hear ^^
here is your to-do list what will destroy you:

- Sleep 8-10 hours of sleep, wake up in morning
- drink water
- eat 3x per day
- make things what are you enjoying
- try every day learning something new
- sport (if it's possible in some way)
- eat healthy
- being on sun, or at least have opened jalousie at least
- be in contact with people who you like
- make your life plans and follow them
- write essay about how you like yourself
- thinking positively

| >>716569
I- I actually try to do all of those things already...
But that's to make me all happy and healthy! I'm asking for destruction!

| >>716598 you should follow them for end of year at least.. it's not fast process:o

| >>716609
I'm trying! I'm doing my best! But, I, please destroy me...

| >>716611 maybe you are really only cute brat what doesn't taking domination serious, how sad :c

| >>716612
I take it seriously! I just can't do it myself and nobody wants to help me and now nobody here is helping me and I'm sad and I don't see the point anymore.

| OP doesn't understand that destroy an already rotten person is not very sastisfying.

| >>716652 if you would taking it seriously, you would follow to-do list, i feel now sad ;-;

| >>716664
Is- isn't it? I thought that was the people that were fun to do it to...

I am following it almost perfectly!

| Fuck you

| >>716891 good g/u/rl ^^

| >>716896

I'm not.

| >>716975 when you are following to-do, you are good g/u/rl :3

| >>716979
No. Doing stuff that everyone should be doing doesn't make up for me being a bad person. That's why I need to be punished and destroyed!

| >>716995 you really a cute brat, someone should maybe hugs you, and kiss you "^^

| >>717095
No. They should beat me and tell me mean things.

| Ok OP, you win. >DO YOU FUCKING KNOW WHERE YOUR PLACE IS?! YOU FUCKING DIRTY SHIT STAIN LITTLE BRAT? yeah..! that's fucking right! In my comfy little place where i can clean you till you squeaky clean and we can do
some comfy snuggle together<3

| >>717242
I, I accept. But only if you keep calling me those first things please. It made me really excited :)

| >>717125 i'm sorry for new ip.. but you can't being be destroyed, over your cuteness, it's saving you xd

| >>717264
Saving me? What? You're just calling me cute and not doing the things I want! You're such a dummy!

| >>717267 I bet you like that. You sick little pervert! And i bet you like it when other people see you get humilated too huh? But that's perfectly fine. A little sexual deviant won't change how you are a cute little brat. I'm can assure you that everyone and me myself perfectly fine with who you are. I'm sure you are a sweet g/u/rl with a kind heart.

| >>717365
I do like that! I like that a lot! Please continue saying the things you say! Please please please!

| Sit down bitch

| >>717465
I will. Immediately.

What's my next order?

| >>717394 I don't remember you begging properly. If you really want to get drstroy, why don't you try telling us something about yourself? Like what you interested in lately, your hobby, what are studying, where you live and adress etc.

| >>717508
Oh, uh, I can tell you some stuff.

I haven't had a lot of interests lately other than bad horror movies. My hobbies are writing and vidya. I'm not really studying anything since I dropped out of school and I'm not gonna say where I live.

| Now please insult me more!

| >>717471 strip your clothes of your filthy body

| >>717602
Yes! Yes! Immediately master.
>Slowly and a little awkwardly strips off all clothes

| >>717637 good girl. Now beg.

| >>717646
P- please punish me master! I beg of you! I've been a bad and naughty girl and I shouldn't go unpunished. I'm unforgivable scum!

| >>717667 go fuck yourself you peice of trash

| >>717671
Do- do you mean literally master?

| >>717675 of course you dumbass, how thick are you?

| >>717780
I apologize master!
>Starts slowly, awkwardly masturbating

| This is just sad.

| >>717852
Why? Someone finally listened! Someone is finally being nice to me! Someone is finally treating me how I deserve to be treated!

| >>717812 now stop. i'll finish you off

| >>717935
Y- yes master!
>Stops and freezes

| >>717942 good girl.
>Strokes up and down her inner thighs
don't. move.

| >>717968
>Shakes a little bit but is as still as possible

| >>717984 >slaps her pussy
bad girl, you fucking bitch I told you to stay still
>slaps her cheek and grabs her jaw, staring in her eyes
don't. move.

| Yeah, okay, I'm tired of this shit. Not in the mood and I honestly can't be fucked to help a sadist cum right now. Was fun 'til it wasn't.

| >>718009 *giving a tea and cookies*

| >>718024
Thanks. I need that shit. I've actually got some irl. I should go get it.

| https://youtu.be/LWQ87kYCv6o

| >>718051 this guy is maybe macho, but he can't beat master of dominance>>aefe85 <3

| >>718077
You certainly are :)

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