Website for meeting horny people?

| With fakku dating being dead and twitter being a trash fire, where do people go to meet horny people online

| Fetlife kinda works, and if you're gay omegle can be really good


| >>706058 the /d/ in doujin stands for /d/ating

| >>706060 m8 I wish

| >>706060
The /d/ in doujin stands for handhol/d/ing

| let's /d/ate, let's have sex together, with b/d/sm, and than /d/ie together

| /d/death cult

| I remember /d/ had a discord for a while but it's dead as hell now

| I wouldn't mind /d/ating someone from here....

| >>d64c4a honestly same people seem cool here

| Reddit? Or Doublelist most likely it's basically Craigslist but only for personals and hookups etc they even have some dating tips and other stuff like that but eh that's questionable

| >>048baf I tried Reddit but it didn't work out. Like twitter i feel like it was mostly people trying to sell pics and stuff

| Man I just miss fakku dating lol. it was a kinda perfect site

| Ever since they destroyed tembler, all sites are now bad for most activities

| use social interaction

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