I love sex but i fucking hate the sex community

| Why people always have to reinforce that they fuck and act like if it was a "superior moral certificate" to self-validate themselves or something, like god okay we got it but can you talk about another thing please I'm literally begging

Not applies to this board tho since it's a place specifically to this kind of thing

| I love sex

| "the sex community"

virgin identified

| >>705841

| The sex community is pretty toxic ngl. Especialy the competitive scene, casual 2 player is also overrated and requires too much commitment.

| I wish i got whitelisted in the up cumming anally sex party for the sex community.

| >>705870
I think the real issue is that there is a lot of gatekeeping from sex-havers

| >>705907 true

| the harem% speedrunners are the worst, all it takes is literally luck to spawn in a certain region

| The casual sex community is fine but the competitive sex scene,holy fuck the pro sexers are literally the most toxic people i've ever met

| Hey, g/u/rls. Is it too late to get into sex? Maybe I should wait until they release sex 2?

| >>706659
I dunno, it's been in development hell since forever. There are rumors that some hackers are working on reverse engineering it and will open-source it, but who knows. It might be better to just rewrite a play-alike from scratch, but make sure to keep it open source, to ensue creative anarchy.

| >>706659 definetly wait for sex 2, current sex meta is a mess, hopefully in the new part they will fix the balance. You can play singleplayer while you're waiting though

| >>706659 Sex 2 is gonna flop hard. Most of the community is just not ready for the new femboy meta.

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