Pained expression

| Feeling like a sadistic fuck as of late, so are there any Hentai/Doujin tags specifically for the face a character makes when they're afraid or in pain?

Example material is welcome

| Uhhh probably guro or rape are """good""" tags

| Just stand in the mirror and punch yourself in the dick

| Pained expression is one of those things that I also find hot, but I rarely look up on their own since they tend to be attached to hard ryona or guro...

| >>705827 OP here to say mood.

I'm just into BDSM, I don't feel like crossing the line into cannibal

| >queensnake's most popular video

| r/hentaibullying

| >>705416 Adding on in case OP is into guro, just browse the #R-18G tag on Pixiv and you'll be set for life.

| >>706075

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