Can someone fuck me? Please?

| Im a guy. 20y old. Watch anime, playing video game and all that stuff. Have works, and money(Not too much, but enough for a fine live) Not ugly(Not sure) Not fat.
And i am a virgin. .-.
Didnt have a girlfrend entire life.
Im don't have any idea. (Sorry for english, not my native language)

Can someone tell advice or something like that? How to stop being alone?
Well, i have a Tulpa. But that stop helping...
Ugh. Sometimes i thing, my life too bored ._.

| Is that a real Tulpa? Could you be russian? I'm a 24 virgin and don't have anything. I don't think random girl will fuck you if you ask nicely.

| Do you actually go out and attempt to meet people? Because sitting at home with your computer, videogames and tulpa won't net you any romantic encounters.

| yep, im russian.
And yes - i have a real Tulpa. That can soud not so convincing, but.. I can describe that like you have a... Another thoughts in your mind. I mean, live thoughts from live creature. I still can't hear her, see. But feeling like someon nearest you, someon touch you... That just crazy stuff what you need to feel your self. And the important thing in that - DON'T. DROP. THAT. And you will have your Own imagination friend :)

Her name - Horo.

| Well, I dunno how real is that. You're just convincing yourself your thoughts are someone else's but that's probably how that works anyway. I guess I can't do that.

| She only looks like Horo, and have name like But her personality was built by herself. I just treated her the way I would treat a loved one. And even now, I don't quite know her as a person. I don't know what she likes, and it is very interesting to find out by asking her herself.

| d534ea
Yes, I tried to find new communication and people. It's just ... Where I live is not exactly the same contingent of people. A bunch of aclogolics and other rabble. For them, fun is booze, fights. And that's all - without exaggeration. Girls are emotionless rednecks, drinking and smoking without a break

| Cool. Can't imagine how you do that unfortunately. Reminds me of Hoshizono from little busters, but I never thought it can be a real thing.

| 8cae9a
Yep, in that deal you need to realy convince yourself. Not so... Easy work.
I suffered for about 3 years. Only after this time i finally got the results.

| You shouldn't care about being a virgin. Sex with a woman will last 3 minutes if not less. Do your homework.

| Sounds like op isn't looking to meet people in the right places, probably a good idea to go looking beyond the social hubs where everyone is a "emotionless redneck".

As a side note for >>704552 I've met people who claim to have tulpas before but they've all come to the conclusion they were deluding themselves and it's more like deep roleplay than a real person.
That aside I don't understand why people would want to emulate having a condition like DID by making a "tulpa".
Fucked up

| You should stop masturbating so much.

| May I know what "tulpa" means?

| >>704626 It's basically an imaginary friend that people pretend is real.

Essentially it's pretending to have DID (formally multiple personality disorders).

| Dude, booze and cigs are ez ways to find friends (and thus girls to talk to) in Russia. How integrated you are at your workplace? Do you have friends/acquaintances there? Have you tried дайвинчик или понурные знакомства какие-нибудь?

| Same story here, almost the same country. Just keep trying op, keep reaching up to people. The right person will eventually make themself present in your life. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Another option is to simply, ah.. stop caring about such things. Become a cat that walks by himself, you know? Although it's way easier said than done, I guess. But sometimes it's the best option, really.

| I used to desperately crave for attention and love too, despite being super introverted and all that, and I've never even had a friend in my entire life. Pretty funny, right? The only thing I need for a happy life is approval from people I really love, and I have none. This little fact has been literally driving me crazy up until recently.

| While I still think that it'd be nice to have a friend, I do not let myself get overly depressed over such things anymore. It just doesn't seem that important to me now, I dunno why. There's no point in longing over things you just cannot get, like, ever, right? So there's no point for me to think about friendship and stuff like that since I'm just THAT unlovable.

| So fuck it, I thought. I don't need it then! I don't and will probably never have a true friend, yeah, so what about it? I won't ever kiss anyone, and? I can still live a pretty awesome goddamn life, and I'll make sure of it. My happiness won't be afflicted by the fact of not having any close friends. Fuck 'em. Live for yourself, op. It may seem hard, but it's worth it. Learn how to see happiness in just yourself, and try building your future around it. I'm rooting for you!

| Rooting for you bro

| Good luck

| I love sex.

| good luck bro

| Doesn't Russia have a 66% STD rate?

| Just pay a prostitute and stop being a virgin, it really helps a lot, besides, you are very young you are barely 20 and when you are 30 worry. Masturbate, exercise and eat well. Move to another country if you can.

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