| What best doujin you guys was read recently or yours favorites? My favorite is 178216.

| Just read 315891. It's pretty good.

| Thanks man, Wagashi toradora series are one of bests. Other suggestion mine is 147283, but I think it's pretty popular.

| yes officer this thread right here

| I'm taking note of these numbers, please keep going

| Only doujin recs in all of /d/

| 323112 Megumin

| 323112 Megumin

| Nice, doujin about konosuba my favorite is 175399 and 263576. Megumin best girl ????

| Damn. It's been such a long time since I've seen genuine doujin rec threads, and now there are two. Both about lolis...
The only real recs I have for loli are the ones I dropped in the other thread:

| Oppai loli stuff is good as well like 279913 & 235578

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