I want to mate with a shrine maiden

| There's this green haired miko with curves of a goddess

| I want to cum on her armpits

| Not the 1000 year old demon sealed in the shrine who is bound to your family?

| The miko did historically practice sacred prostitution before the arrival of Western Christian mortals



| Morals* can't fcking spell

Also yes I'd fuck Sanae

| >>697755 That's hot.
Know any literature confirming this?

| >>697805 I am a Shrine Maiden and can confirm this~

| >>697942 Can we have sex with as.. you know.. historical reenactment.

| >>697947 donate to the shrine first!

| >>698069
Calm down Reimu

| >>697756 No, no. They were definitely mere mortals.

| >>698220 I am calm!

| I want to cum on reimu's armpits

| I want to shoot my seeds into reimu/sanae's armpit pussy and impregnate it.

| >>698404
Dayum Reimu, so horny.

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