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As someone who's done lewd/nude photoshoots, I'm doing an AMA

| Heyo it's me again, your local femboi slut, i just thought doing an ama would be fun, and feel free to ask anything you want!

| wyh r u hey?

| Ah yes hay

| Are you actually cute or just some chinless weeb who takes angled shots

| Should i provide proof, because I'm pretty proud on how I've managed to get a nice and healthy weight

| Yes^]

| Sure it'll be up for a week https://ibb.co/7XH2pYd

| What lead you to where you are now?

| Hmm i guess it's mostly because i enjoyed it, i certainly didn't expected to this kind of thing as a hobby but i did enjoy talking to people and getting better at taking pics, in summary the fact i liked it!

| >>696880

nice butt

| Thanks homie

| >>696886 What was the first shot you ever took?

| Another femboy on /u/! Pretty rad! ( ^.^)/ ~OP from latest request thread

| >>696910 i did them on my own and it was kimda shitty, i did both sfw and NSFW even though they weren't good, i did got a few that were sfw that still hold up but i don't share them anymore

| >>696912 pretty epic ????????????

| Lol they were some emojis hahaha

| ?

| Are you having fun.

| Yep! interacting with people as well as getting better at taking the pics is certainly fun

| >>696864 also i forgot to say, i don't see how being a ween would rid me of my appeal

| >>696880 tis good stuff

| Thanks king ;]

| >>697102
chinless was the operative word there

| Lol can't argue with you there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| That ass has no business being that cute

| You're beautiful homie. Straight up.
Do you think you'll be having any request threads here soon?

| >>697391

| So what are you going to do now?

| >>697391 being entirely honest I'm not sure what request threads are, and thanks a lot!
>>697442 just vibe and play steam games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| >>697499
Threads where g/u/rls can request pictures, and you provide. Just look at the last request thread that was here on /d/ and you'll get the idea.

| >>697500 Just checked it out and probably i will!
hehe for now I'll just answer any questions you may have :p

| Do you have any tips for taking cute selfies?

Any favorite poses or outfits for taking pics in?

| What do you use to get rid of your body hair?

| >>697523 It's mostly trial and error, you should do the poses you're comfortable with be them too lewd or kinda sfw

| >>697525 i shave, but i heard that laser hair removal is permanent so i might try that

| more

| >>697529 maybe...

| >>1ed227 ayy now we can make a club lmao, i'm one too

| Hell yeah femboi gang

| Bro! Request thread with all the fembois! Let's go!

| i want to be on top of a femboy

| >>697669 I'm more of a switch so personally i wouldn't mind ;]

| >>697707
Oh, you are? So you wouldn't mind if I slide my "Joy-Con" in you?

| >>697707
being dommed by a qt boi? oh YES

| >>697718 Gotta prevent it from drifting while it's docked right?

| >>697720 ;]

| >>697738
No. I'll make sure that it keeps drifting back and forth until it's finished ;)

| >>697742 there's no helping it then

| Also if any of you all wanna talk on discord just add me lel Roro#2421

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