What would you do if

| What would you do if life had a load and save system

| I.. ..cannot even imagine, really. But that would surely be very damn convenient

| I'd be save(s)cumming

| Dragon Break here we go!

| I've got too many weird choices in my past I'd want to load up honestly. It's best I dont have that kind of save scum power.

| anything

| i'd do whatever i want and load the previous save (as long as there aren't any consequences of course)

| but i'm also considering the fact that i might forget to save and get arrested for breaking into a donut shop and voring all of their snacks

| >>696470 I mean worst case you just go back further than you wanted right

| Real strat, save as a kid once, play through your entire life, on death bed reload, play through again and make different choices

| >>696545

This /d/ude gets it

| oh shit i'm baba98

| i'm actually surprised no one has mentioned having sex with random people

| >>696413 this!

| Also how does your save file effect other people's save files??? Like if you broke into someone house ate their food and they caught you and you reloaded before you died in a shootout or something would the other person just think it's a dream or something? Could save files get corrupted or overwritten by others?

| I hope that save system will have a lot pages as visual novels and with screen what i saw "^^

| Nothing because if it brings your brain back in time too you would keep repeating the same things and end up stuck in a time loop

| Well, would we retain memories when we load data? Or would it be like a deja vu feeling?

| I assumed since you have the meta ability to save and load you'd have some sort of meta memory and remember what you did

| >>acb517 you're the only one who can do it
>>2eda3d >>b9a0e2 yes you retain your memories

| I would do a bunch of fucked up shit to be honest, and my mind would get even more broken than it already is. But then I would hopefully get wiser from those "alternate experiences" and be able to use that wisdom and general knowledge to help myself and others.

So basically fuck up mine and other people's lives and feel the consequences, emptiness, heavy mental toll and regret, but always revert so the damage to others and any of my physical damage won't be long lasting.

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