Tentacle thread

| *wiggles hornily*
Give me your favorite tentacle hentai~

I'll start: all games by zone

| I saw some camgirl take a two foot tentacle dildo up her ass irl and it was something

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| thats a hard sell ngl, i have so many.


i'll look some up later.

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| Your neighborhood tentacle shop

| Ngl I find tentacles boring af, I've just seen too much of it and now it all just looks the same to me.

| Consentacles are the best

| One day, I will have all the tentacles

| None of you are giving any tentacle hentai! Pls give tentacle hentai!
*wiggles even more hornily*

| >>696802 look up>>696007 on your hentai site of choice it's a series

Also you're legally obligated to post your favorite one of you look that one up

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