how attractive do you think you are?


| Attractiveness have lost it's meaning just like terrorist and Nazis. They're just empty words now.

| >>695602

What the actual fuck is wrong w you people
just go jack off in /new/

also OP, a solid 8, though I can clean up to 9 with the help of alcohol and dim light

| Aperrance: 7, tall black and with a nice features tho a bit hairy
Personality:7, smart, kind and somewhat funny
Social value: 1, young adult, male, no job, a bit akward and doesnt like too much attention

So over all a 5

| Slightly average but mostly likely below lolol with a lot of makeup and different clothing i might be called cute in mainstream standards

So like a 4-6 but on my best day a 7.5 maybe lolol idk

| I can look good at times me thinks, but at other times I couldn't look worse so idfk

| Nice /d/ating thread OP

| very unattractive. if i lost weight and worked out, did skincare, at best i would end up 6/10

| My girl likes me, and that's enough for me.

| 7 at my 'best days' when I really care if someone actually sees me. Something around 4 the rest of the time. It doesn't matter much since I'm not leaving my house anyway lol

| Hey I know this sounds bad but can yall post your rates using my format at >>695614? I think it helps to clarify things while also having space for sujectivity, you dont need to do it if you dont want

| I meant >>695614

| Well, alright then.

Appearance: ~7, not so bad overall, but I don't care much about how I look like, so most of the time I'm just a mess since I don't get to leave my house that often. It doesn't matter much how I look if I'm the only one around to see myself, you know?

| Personality: I'd say 4 since I'm basically this bitter-sour-grouchy type of an old man who gets irritated very easily, but everyone's been saying that I'm a great person, yadda-yadda, all that shit. Don't think they know me good enough, so I'll stick up to 3. I have some qualities that make me a good friend, yes, but I don't think it's enough to bump the rating at lest to 4, I'm still annoying for a bunch of reasons

Social value: 0. Absolutely 0.
Overall: 3.3, would not recommend

| Personality: I would rate myself a 0 because I'm whatever people want me to be and I never really show my true self in front so I just end up seeming one note or shallow

Appearance: chubby, tallish, dark so... it depends on what I'm wearing too but I'd rate myself on average a 4 or 5

Socially: a 3, lives with the fam and works as a nurse aide don't pay bills and generally ignorant about world issues, gamer but I can cook lolol

So my total score might be a solid 4.5 lool

| Appearance: I used to look like a 3, but now I'm a 6. I care for my health more, but not much to my appearance.
Personality: Probably 7. Once they get to know me, people tend to enjoy talking.
Socially: A 2. It may seem like I'm stable at first, but I would tend to suddenly cut people off and avoid them once a certain threshold has been reached. It's a bad habit I'm working to fix.

| I deffine my self as 0 giving everyone else a lowest point on the scala

| >>695774 smart but too annoying and arrogant. too far from normal thinking to the point of a psychologists. Soo 0

Looks just pure ugly as described 0

Social 2 freinds 1 does drugs other one is in coma from drugs

Life currently 0

Wish to live 1 i still have alcohol

| too many 0's here, at least give yourself a point :(

appearance: mediocre, 5'5 and big nose. i think can look better in a nice outfit tho

personality: depends on who i'm talking to. i'm fairly liked at parties but when i'm in school or around friends i genuinely feel hated.

socially: i like video games and anime, so both attractive and unattractive to some. i can cook alright and am good at building things like ikea furniture.

overall 6.5 out of 10 for me

| >>695786

Well this g/u/rl >>695728

Is probs too hard on themself

I on the other hand deffine the 0 cuz i set the 0 as my worst qualities
Without thinking of the good

| A 6 at most for me but some of my friends say otherwise so i might ve selling myself short

| I mean, that depends heavily on a lot of things. When it comes to my appearance I'd say I look pretty good. When it comes to personality it's probably a bit of and "acquired taste" due to all the mental shit I have, but I try my best to be a good person, so I'm hopefully not bad.

| face: varies from 5 to 8
body: idk 6 maybe
psychology: prolly a 4

| 2 maybe a 3. If I lose weight and actually start exercising and getting in shape like I was in HS I would say a solid 8. As for social stuff I would say I am pretty bad. Though usually in the right settings I tend to just open up and can talk for hours.

| >>696239 I am doing exercises and slowly changing things so hopefully I will be a solid 8 this time next year.

| trans (hrt 6 years now) and pretty chubby but not obese or anything, not ideal

I think if I lose weight it'll help a lot to get my hip/waist ratio in line but it's a mess atm

starting exercising is hard though because of quarantine and living in the city, I'd normally go to our apartment gym but I don't really feel safe from corona-chan there right now

| Negative.i hate myself lol

| 10/10. My celibate tells me I'm amazing.

| 0/10, the worst aha~

| 69

| 69420

| >>696523 you can start with just reducing calorie count and maybe a bit of something like pushups or something you can do at home

| >>697198

| >>630c87 yeah, that's mostly what I'm trying to do, although maintaining habits is always a pain so it's very on and off atm

| I feel that, recommend using some app to help keep track and don't feel bad if you miss a day

It's definitely hard to keep at it but hopefully you'll like the results if you can

| 7 on a good day. I have strong masculine features. My only bad feature is that I'm much shorter than average.

| -5

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