Is it gay?

| Is it gay for a man to dress in a skirt to be fucked by a woman.

| Honestly when we get down to specifics beyond who the two people involved are 'gay' breaks down as an idea. The best answer is probably it doesn't matter, no point lawyering about it, but if i had to give an answer i'd say no since he's attracted to a woman

| No, it's submission and masochism

Man in a skirt?Scottish??
Wait a second, balls AREN'T touching.
Isn't gay.

| People still don't know what "gay" means. Damn.

| If the balls don't touch, it's not gei bruh lolol tho no homo

| Although the roles are reversed, it's technically still M:F intercourse and therefore not gay.

| Does it really matter? It's just a word, you know. As far as it feels good for a person and his partner, it should not be important

| who cares

| >>695094 fucking woman isnt gay unless you are a woman

| >>695309 this.
Don't be a dumbo

| no, because it's a man and a woman. op is the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality really that hard to tell?

| Of course they are going to be gay? Who wouldn't be happy being fucked silly in a skirt?

| >>69509
When you wear a skirt, you are a girl.
So yes, getting fucked by girls while you are a girl is gay.

| Nah, because to be gay you need to have balls touching

| Gay usually implies two peope of the same sex performing intimate acts. I would say though that modern gender and sex ideas are too complicated to try and summarize everything under "straight or gay" or "male or female". The way society, at least American society, has propped all of it's focus on previous gender identities and a massive consumeristic money focus is just unhealthy. Do literally whatever you want OP. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or others- then it's fine.

| >>696427
Society and shit? Bruh. That's kinda gay lol.

| Gay as in happy yes

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