what level are you

| 1 Vanilla. Sexy, hot etc people.

2 Alternative. Coloured hair, tattoos, freaky sex.

3 Journeyman. Plain, older people, hairy.

4 Heretic. SSSBBWs and obese men, clearly ugly people (for dissonance bruh), grannies and grandpas.

5 Defiler. Amputees, incest, scat and piss play.

6 Abyssal. Zoophiles, necrophiles.


| I'd say 4.5

| Vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping please *smile*

| 1 + yaoi & incest

| i don't fit into these categories

| >>694932
Yeah. I said >>694931 but honestly it's pretty inaccurate. I didn't want to be mean though.

| 1 I just want to cuddle and cum

| I just want to cuddle and hold hands.

| 2 <3

| vanilla with sprinkles

| >>694922

thabk u fr ur honesty

| Probably a 2 with an active imagination and an obsession to try bdsm stuff (that may or may not go into cat 4) so like 2.8?

| 7 because I want to be an animal slut.

| I'm not sure this sequence is really in order, but I'm in 7 regardless.

| >>695025 can't say i'm 5 cuz incest is too much for me g/u/rl

| I am slowly becoming the fat, old, ugly bastard that fucks your waifu.

| >>695106
How is incest the "too much" in 5...

| >>695122 lolol

| >>694980 lvl 7 is prob handholding, too filthy

| >>695337 please censor the word h***h******, this is a respectable board

| Solid 4

| Prolly 5, piss play is hot

| 69

| I can't define myself on them levels so...

Vanilla. Sexy, hot etc people, alternative. Coloured hair, freaky sex, hairy obese men, clearly ugly people (for dissonance bruh) incest, scat and piss play, abyssal. necrophiles, [REDACTED]

Over all, people consider me as a normal or a bit strange person. I myself see these things as something bad but I still like it. That's it from me.

| Level: Tentacle Monster

| >>696149 Level: Tentacle Monster's Food

| >>695122 I know right? Incest is the fetish for Kings and Queens after all.

| I'm alternative myself (got the punkish - goth style going, currently working on finishing my sleeve tattoo), but I guess that also into some of 5,6 and [REDACTED]

| I think I made it past 7 when I started visiting the multilimb thread on gurochan. I miss that site.

| >>696301
i miss it a lot...

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