| If you guessed OP of the last request thread, you'd be wrong. I'm the g/u/rl who took the last thread over (I still feel bad about that, sorry OP). (^.^ゞ Anyways, I made a Twitter ( https://twitter.com/qteaonthenet ) and to celebrate, I figured we could do another request thread, so let me know what you want! (^ω^)

| In the last thread, we left off at feet, and I just got some new socks in the mail, so that'd be a good place to start. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Egn59KkU4AE39j_?format=png

| Sock cute

| >>8ff2e3 thank. (/∇\*)

| request?
more leg

| >>693154
I have those exact same socks!

| >>693210 Ask and ye shall receive!
#1: https://twitter.com/qteaonthenet/status/1300108840483000320?s=20
#2: https://twitter.com/qteaonthenet/status/1300109395603333120?s=20

| >>693262 You should share some pics too. (∗´꒳`) If you aren't comfy doing so, don't worry. This is a comf only zone, so stay comfy! They're alright socks for sure, but I think I might invest in some better ones this next time around. (^.^ゞ

| >>693332
I probably won't. I'm not very feminine, and it's more of personal comfy clothes than a lewd thing for me. I want to buy some more myself though, but COVID.

| Gotta say though, you look cute as fuck homie. I'm usually not attracted to pp gurls, and I'm usually not attracted to legs, but damn, you got me feeling some type of way. Keep the pictures coming :)

| >>693338 Actually using programmer socks for programming? Isn't that illegal or something? ( ´꒳`) jkjk, I remember your thread. Glad you're still liking them, and they're still holding up! Glad you like the pics too, lmk if you want anything g/u/rl! (^.^)/

| >>693344
Aw! You do? I didn't expect that.
I'm not good at selecting stuff like that, but damn your legs are good. Just keep it up and I'm happy homie :)

| >>693375 ofc I remember you! /d/ sure does have many interesting backstories and legends. For sure. Anyways, here's a pair of legs for ya! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

| >>693404
That picture is way too good! That should be illegal! I'm glad it ain't though.

| >>693405 Haha, thank you! (^.^ゞ

| need more forearms pls

| >>693521 https://ibb.co/1d46YNX
IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED, G/U/RL?!?!????! Jk, jk. Here's a couple more. ( ´ ꒳ ` )

| You know, fuck it. I want more legs. More legs, and maybe some back?

| Ima say it. I wanna see ya butt! I know it's lewd. :c

| >>693529 >>693530 This is what we in the industry call a "pro gamer move". With a one and a two and a, oh, WOMBO COMBO! Two requests with one post!

| Oof, this was a critical hit. o.o Hot af!>>693532

| fuck i'm kinda crushing on you

can i see your back? nude? show me them shoulderblades

| >>693532
This is two much. I thought I was a part-time fag, but you're promoting me to full-time.

| >>693536 T-thanks g/u/rl! (*/ω\*)
>>693540 Remember Admiral Faggington, it's not gay if you say no homo! Besides, I'm helping out a homie. It's what homies do, right? ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑
>>693538 I might have to do that tomorrow, sorry, haha. (^.^ゞ It's been a fun and long day, but it's def time to sleep. ( ´ ꒳ ` )

| Feel free to leave requests overnight tho! Tomorrow is a brand new day! (^.^)

| >>693542
For real :)

| qt ekawa

| q tea is peels!

| >>693538 wants back pics? She gets back pics. That's how we roll around here.

| >>693526 <3

| >>693706
Homie. I swear you have to have done modelling work before. No random g/u/rl should be able to pull this off.

| >>693740 <3
>>693757 Haha, I'm glad they didn't go unappreciated. You would not believe the lengths I had to go to to get that pic. ThERe iS a MIc sTAnD tAPeD tO My CeILinG!!!11!1

| >>693759
Damn! You've got dedication to your craft. Respect homie.

| Can we get footage of you burning your programming socks?

| Give us some ass

| >>693847 well... Here goes $15 I'll never get back... (;﹏;)
>>693916 but I gave you ass yesterday... (>.<)

| >>693985
Don't burn them!

| >>693847 >>694082 Burn them... Don't burn them... whatever shall I do? You g/u/rls need to make up your mind. Someone did buy me some socks off my wishlist, so soon I'll have two blue pairs. Perhaps I could burn one and save the other? (^.^)

| >>694092
Maybe, maybe. But in my opinion you shouldn't burn them.

| >>694092 dont, the socks are cute

| >>693916 some ass, as requested! ( ´ ꒳ ` )
>>693847 >>694082 >>694155 I went ahead and made up your minds for you. I ordered some socks identical to the ones someone bought for me, so I'll get to burn socks for you, and still have a pair of those same socks. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

| >>693706 >>694299
>Something went wrong.

| >>694340
it worked! delightful back pics

| Bootyful

| n-nude

| Legs and crotch

| >>694299
Very nice!
Now, mhh, this >>694433 very please?

| Legs and crotch request

| Post guides to become femboy

| Why have you left us? Have you forsaken us in this time of femboy need?

| >>695125 >>695077 >>694688 >>694433 >>694440 >>694421 Sorry g/u/rls! Been kinda busy here. I plan on fulfilling these requests either today or tomorrow! ( ´ ꒳ ` )

| >>695415 okie take your time

| >>694433 >>694440 >>694688
I hope these photos will help satiate your need for leg and crotch pics! ( ´ ∀ `)

| >>695619 huraaaay

| hot

| >>695619
You have given me a foot fetish. Love you homie, and forgive me for what I'm about to do.

| >>695667 consider yourself forgiven. Also here's some more!

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