Feminine side

| I have a very feminine side to me. I don't look feminine at all and I usually don't act very feminine, but when I embrace my feminine side it makes me super happy. Wearing female clothes and snuggling up and having girly talks with my female friends is amazing!

Are there any other pp g/u/rls here who have the same thing? Who feel comfy and relieved and happy when embracing a feminine side of themselves, or have a feminine side at all?

| Well, damn. I guess not. It was worth a shot.

| Kinda, girl's clothing is really, really cute. I really like skirts in general. It makes me happy just looking at those. Wished clothing wasn't like a gender thing like it is currently. If I could I would wear skirt.

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Ooh! Yay! Finally I've found someone else!
Yeah. Female clothing makes me so happy! I haven't tried or thought much about skirts, but, I think I would like them.
I would like to say that you can just wear whatever you want, but, yeah. It doesn't work like that, and I kinda hate it. I do it inside though, and hopefully we can get to a point where it's not looked down upon :)

| why do you like female clothing? imo it's really uncomfortable, a lot of it tends to be tight or too breezy for my tastes

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I don't know, honestly. It just makes me feel better. I can't explain it.

| There's not a male equivalent of how cute dresses are, and that saddens me a lot

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You should embrace and practice what makes you happy

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I do it when I can :)
I only really have one close female friend though, so it's only really her I get to talk about stuff like that with.
I also don't wear female clothing publicly for obvious reasons, and I don't really have the money to buy any clothes right now.
I definitely embrace it when I get the chance though :)

| I straight up am a guy, but I also enjoy shit like shaving and looking just how I want to, but rarely give it much time. I also pick the girl option any chance I get because 9/10 they will look cuter than the boys.

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I'm a pp g/u/rl as well and I like being one, but, yeah. Girl stuff is just much cuter and makes me feel som comfy :)

| I always make female characters because I can actually give them a design I like. I don't really have the confidence to cross-dress, but I want to try cosplaying a female character some day since that's slightly less judged.
I don't think I'm transgender or anything, I just don't like the whole male aesthetic. I feel like I can't even shave my legs without being seen as weird.

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This sounds cute.
I suggest everyone to start using this immediately.

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Yeah! Me too! I always make female characters when I'm not making joke characters because then they can look both badass and cute and have cute clothing and stuff like that.

I would love to cosplay as a female character! Only problem is that I have a beard and stuff that I don't want to shave because it looks good with my male clothes, which are the ones I obviously use the most.

I'm not trans either, it's just called having a feminine side :)

Thank you :)

| You guys remind me that having feminine side is not trans. I mean I don't like boys, I just adore girls. I adore their lifestyle, fashion and colour pallete. That does not make me trans.

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Yeah! It doesn't. Some people seem to be mistaken about that. I'm happy with being a pp gurl, but I love female clothes and colours and the stuff that you mentioned and I just love cute stuff in general :)

| Something this made me think about though is how it's gonna be when I get a partner. I would need someone who wouldn't mind or would like me being sort of feminine and cutesy and stuff like that. I wouldn't want a girlfriend or boyfriend who needs me to be manly and stuff, because then I wouldn't be able to be myself.

I really hope I find someone like that, because I would absolutely love being in a relationship where I can fully show my feminine side :)

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