Let's talk about cute boys!

| I know boys aren't real but it's okay to dream, so let's talk about cute boys!

| Cat bois, fem bois, anime bois, fictional bois are the best bois <3<3<3

| Did I kill this thread? Yes, yes I did look


| >>684859
I thought someone was reviving my thread :(
I just wanted to talk about cute boys...

| Jpeg boys, PNG boys, gif boys. These are the only boys you find on the internet.

| >>684878
But let's talk about the cute ones! Let's share the cute ones! I love cute boys!

| Idk if am i cute boi.. but... i feel as neko little bit xd

| >>684895
You can't say that and don't know if you're cute or not! Because that's very cute.

| >>684909 noo xD

| >>684342
I want to be a cat boy...

| Everyone can pretend to be cat boys! That would be really cute :)

| cute bois packaged in cute clothes

| >>685139
Yes please!

| I wish I was more attractive for cute boys...

| >>685172
I wish more cute boys were attracted to pp gurls :(

| >>684862 well I wanted to talk about cute bois too but>>684342 killed the thread lol and some how me pointing that out revived the thread a little lol

Anyway, what about cute bois do you want to talk about?

| >>685293
Anything and everything! Their looks, little things they do that you find cute, the different types of fictional boys and what makes them cute. All of it!

| >>685293 I agree with her/his words :c

| Who likes them big? Because I do

| >>685788
Big boys can be very cute!

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