There is a specific fetish for clothes?

| Basically I started playing A Plague Tale yesterday and i instantly got a crush on the main character, but there is one part of the game where i became even more turned on because she put on some traveling/exploring/idk2sexy4me clothes and fuck, that's beautiful. But i don't know if the character is already meant to be sexualized or if I am just a weirdo with a bizarre unknown fetish

| It's not like you're attracted to the clothes themselves, like it's not a clothes fetish but like an outfit thing, it's like how people go crazy over certain cosplays or whatever, the outfit just happens to appeal to you.

| It's very normal to have fetishes for specific outfits. Why do you think people still like schoolgirl, nun and swimwear outfits so much? Or stockings?
Very normal.

| As the homie above said, you're not attracted to the clothes themselves, but rather that character in that outfit. I'm pretty sure everyone has outfits that turn them on.

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