Why NTR is a thing?

| Just why,I really don't get it

| Because guys who like it like being humiliated and it has gone to such levels that they get off from the thought of their gf fucking another man who is "superior" and that gives a very big humiliation effect.

| probably an extreme form of masochism

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Idk it's probably that for some dudes, but I've consumed my fair share of ntr and I can't say I'm much of a masochist, idk for me it's maybe more of a so bad it's good sort of thing?

Idk I don't really self insert into my porn so I don't particularly get off on being cucked, more like get off on watching the whole fucked up situation play out? Idk man.

Bottom line, don't kink shame, people be into whatever for whatever reason, don't judge.

| I like ntr when the main character is the one that's doing it

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I'd say this but also with sadism if they more put themselves in with the ones who doing the NTRing.

| i kink shame

| People watch porn all the time and you can say that it is some kind of NTR. I mean, you get excited by watching your fav porn star getting fugged by someone else, afterall. After a while, I can see it evolve/devolve into a full blown liking NTR.

Another reason that people told me is that NTR stuff has more effoet put into the story. But I personally don't think that is the case all the time.

| For me I don't self insert. I just like NTR because of the moral degeneration, the corruption factor. Mind break tag is top 5 tags

>NTR stuff has more effoet put into the story
Whoever told you that is a fucking liar lol.
Maybe you can argue that with the real big name doujin/manga in NTR, but usually it's all the same crap.

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