Drop boyfriend because clothes is ok?

| Guys, some time my crush dumped me. She came up with a stupid excuse, but I could not believe that this was the real reson and decided to find out the truth. at first I thought it might have been my fault. Probably I was not persistent enough or not enough alpha for example and even thought that she was not a bad person, but maybe I was a weak man.I recently gave her friends a drink and found out that she left me because I don't dress fashionably.

| I recently gave her friends a drink and found out that she left me because I don't dress fashionably. I'll say right away: I don't look like a homeless person, I wear simple neat closes and classic business suits. I am always clean and well-groomed. I have a beautiful body and face, girls often compliment me about my appearance. However, I don't pay much attention to fashion and trends.

| Look at this fuckin weirdo

| when I found out the truth, I butthurtef hardly. Is it possible that people can be so worried about the questions of beautiful rags that they can drop the person whom they hugged and kissed yesterday? I butthurt not because the fact that she dumped me, but because the fact that she did it because of colored rags and clothes.

| I want to smash her fucking face. I thought people had such values ​​in the Middle Ages. Tell me, maybe I'm wrong? maybe I'm unfairly angry with her, and really it's ok, but I'm just a firecracker and I don't understand something?

| This sounds made-up

| This didn't happen

| She obviously dumped you because you're a fucking weirdo.

| ok

| This is the lamest creative writing prompt I've ever read(well skimmed through tbh).

| Pfff op you can do better, if that creature you call your ex left you for such petty reason you should just find someone better, wich is not hard if you are as attractive as you say, if cant find the motivation to do it than belive in the me that belives in you

| If what you're saying is true then be glad she dumped you. Someone like that isn't worth it. If you're gonna be pissed off and frustrated by bad people existing you're gonna have a rough time once you realise what the world is actually like.

| She's a bitch. Let her be though, if she did such a thing she's probably not ok in the head. You need to overcome this and live on. And next time you'll be starting a relationship ask the person about their values and stuff, look for these red flags and discuss it if something worries you or them. Good luck!

| And then everybody clapped

| >>683524 oh that poor fragile male ego. Understand that people can value different things in their partners, and not everyone is supposed to like you, you fucking animal

| But yeah, it probably didn't happen anyways

| Why you all say that my story is not truth. Does it consist of science fiction or fantasy lines idk? I just cant understand

| >>683865 people just disbelive what they cant understand, just get over it, you can do better and be better, if she left you, suck for her

| >>683865 you can take that positively. If a lot of people don't believe your story, then take it as people agreeing with you that her reason was shallow and unbelivable.

Also, I agree with >>683612
You kinda dodged a bullet. She could have just talked about the way you dress or asked you to buy clothes together. Imagine things that will happen as the result of lacking in communication if you got engaged/married.

| >>684134
Lol this is the literal definition of coping.

| >>683865
Don't bullshit a bullshitter

| >>0a37e5 you are the one full of bullshit, go bait somewhere else!!!

| >>1ddb43

| >>684171
Why do you give them attention, when that is what they want?

| >>683586
dropping these refs like crazy in all kinds of threads I see

| >>684208 of course, we gotta spread the motivational words of kamina and inspire people to be their best selves

| 10q for your answers guys! I am not sad now because she dropped me, it was in the past and i am parient now. I just realy mad because reasons and girls motivation. Now everything is ok. Of course you all fully right, i am gonna find someone more cool.

But i need to understandto be successful with girls:
All of girls such crazy about clothes and fashion or it something unusual and weird? Need i be prepared to this again?

| >>684265
Bruh. Really?

| I don't think it's common that decent hygine/dressing is not enough if the relationship has a good foundation in other things

| >>683746
God I hate feminists

| >>684659 we don't like people who want to smash their exes faces and think they were dumped for not being "alpha" enough

| >>684882

He said it was just a crush. A one-sided crush and he wants to smash her face in because she didn't like him back.

What a Loser.

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