sexiest accent in your native language?

| english is my native tongue, so for me, i'd have to say scottish accents are sexy as fuck. idk what it is about them but it makes me cum in my pants the second i hear someone speak with one

| Man my native language is Ukrainian but idk is it ok when you are using "tongue" instead of using "language" in that situation

| As a Swede the Danish accent makes me go crazy. It's spoon sexy!

| >>683503 yes, saying "my native tongue" is just another way of saying "my native language"

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It's sexy until you have to work with them and in your first year together you have no clue what they're saying behind their accent.

Otherwise I agree.

| Osaka hella yo

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As a Norwegian I have to say that Danish accent is just completely impossible to understand.

A good accent in my native language though. Hmm. That's hard. I kinda like the accent Middle Eastern people have here. It just sounds really friendly and gives me good vibes.

| >>683613

| I really like Venezuelan accent

| I'd say scottish accents as well for english

| Irish!

| >>683557 omfg yes! Osaka-ben is stupid sexy lolol

Also call me cliche but someone speaking English with a French or Russian accent is pretty hot lol

I know some people find Jamaican accent cute too lolol
But my patois is pretty bad :P

| >>683613
Ahaha, yeah. But I can't get enough of it anyway. I understand around 50% of what they talk about. Whenever I hear a Danish woman speak her voice stays in my head for hours afterwards.

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I mean, I can't get that shit out of my head either. It just sounds so weird. It's kind of cool, but also, it just sounds so off. I don't know how to feel.

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I don't mean to be a dick but I think it's "mother tongue", and "native language"... maybe I'm mistaken, but that's how I was taught so idk

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"Native tongue" works too. There's a lot of ways of saying it.

| >>684470

| I guess the way pathans pronounce Urdu words is sexy af for me

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