Ouchie in my left testie :(

| I think my left testicle is swollen. It hurts a lot :(

| Stop biting it then

| >>683357 (>﹏<)

| see a doctor homie

| >>683418
No. Only if it lasts for a few days.

| Okay. Well, fuck. I checked and there is something hard in there that is not supposed to be there. What the fuck. I'll go to the doctor tomorrow. I'll take your advice homie.

| >>683520
It's probably just fluids that needs to be drained. Actual ball cancer is supposedly really rare (but I haven't looked it up myself so iono).

| >>683597
Most likely it's not cancer, yeah. It's still big time ouchie though. Like, I can't walk and shit without feeling it. I've also smoked a lot in my life, so it's hard to avoid the thought of it being that catching up to me in the form of cancer. But, I'll get it checked and I'll try not to worry too much.

| good luck with your balls op

| There is one manga about a demon queen trapped inside someone's testicle, but I can't remember which one. Let me check.

| https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Manga/MyBalls

It was the right one, not the left one.

You might still have a demon queen in your right testicle as far as we know.

| As for the left one, no idea. Would tell you to go to a ball doctor, but hospitals are like... Less fun than usual right now.

| >>683761
Eh, it's fine. COVID isn't really a thing here anymore. I think there's, like, 3 cases or something left in the country. I'll also just be going to a normal doctor. Would be cool if it was a demon queen though.

| >>8ee4fa
If demon queens lives in the right testicle then maybe an angel seraph lives in the left one?

Only 3 cases? That's so cool. Where do you live, the Baltics?

| >>683778
Well, I don't know the exact number, but COVID basically doesn't exist here anymore, and when it was only a few hundred cases at the worst.

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