| Please! I just want a boyfriend! I know he doesn't want to be my boyfriend but I want him to be my boyfriend!

| There really ain't much that can be done besides hope and wish. . .

| I'm taken, sorry

| I can be your girlfriend.

| >>683299
Mhh... I wouldn't mind a girlfriend, but right now I want a boyfriend!

| >>683275
But I hoped wished and confessed and it didn't get me a boyfriend! I want him!!!

| bro just go get one lol

| I don't want to be your boyfriend! Please marry me!

| >>683334
No!!! I just want a boyfriend!!!

| >>683335 noo g/u/rl-chan you will marry me and live with me from now on~~

| >>683339
No! Why do people always want to marry me!? I just want a boyfriend!!!

| >>683340 I have been watching you g/u/rl-chan~~, I know you're the g/u/rl of my dream, Now be a good g/u/rl and marry me i will even fed you ice cream everyday<3

| >>683342
You're not the first person to say that and I'm lactose intolerant! Now shush!!! I just want a boyfriend and nothing else!!!

| >>683347 we can replace milk with something else you know<3

| guys don't be a weabo, that's all

| >>683349
I don't want you! I want a boyfriend and not you!!!

| >>683349 somehow, in some way, cummies ice cream will always be relevant on this board.

| >>683450
I only want cummies ice cream if it's from my boyfriend but he's not my boyfriend yet!!!

| Don't be shy OP. Both you and me know you want it. The legendary ice that cross the line of sibling love. The very symbol of freedom of heart itself. <3

| >>683567
Shut up! Give me a boyfriend instead!

| If you want a boyfriend then leave your discord tag, goddammit!

| Bruh, sorry but I'm not a gay.
Gl then >>435fb3

| I'll be your boyfriend, OP. As long as we get to know each other a bit first.

| >>683635
You're not getting my Discord tag! You just want to take advantage of me like everyone else.

| >>683685
I'm not gay and I don't want you!!!

| >>683701
That sounds kind of nice. I have my eyes on someone though! It's just that he doesn't really want me.

| Be my bride?

| Troll thread. Lmfao >>f898af

| I want chicken wings

| >>683718 Damn, alright then. Hmu if you wanna chat.

| I'm really subby so... Technically i'm really easy to pet xd

| >>683850
I want a boyfriend that can take care of me! I don't want to take care of you!

| I'm sorry i didn't thought it bad :c

| >>683873
It's not bad but I don't want a sub. I just want him.

| 34 replies and nobody has suggested sucking his dick super fucking hard? danger/u/ really has gone downhill

| >>683942
I would only suck his dick if he wanted me to! I'm not a rapist! I just have a dream!

| Sorry, I have all the boyfriends ;p

| >>684216
You can't have all of them! The one I want is single! I know you're lying!

| what if single boyfriends are hoax?:o

| >>684231
W-what does that mean?

| What if... if.. all.. boyfriends are ownership of this entity >>684216 ?

| >>684321
No! I refuse! Nobody can have all boyfriends! I will get one and no entity can stop me!

| i wish help you :c

| >>684330
Then make him fall in love with me!

| >>684331 bibitty bobitty boo, your boyfriend is now you!

Practice some self love and there you have it! Problem solve! Lolol

| >>684344
I-I don't want to be my own boyfriend...

| Hmm, and can i find here a girlfriend?

| >>684432
Nobody can get a girlfriend until I have a boyfriend!

| >>684432 I'll be your girlfriend, waiting be damned lol

| >>684432 don't listen to>>684585 I'll be your gf.

| Why can she get free girlfriends and I can't even get a boyfriend!? This is so unfair!!!

| >>684595 I already said I'd be hour boyfriend lol

| >>684585 >>684586 oww.. i... *feeling surprised so much* i can't have 2 girlfriends, it's than harem, it's too unfair and i don't deserve it xd

| >>684601
But I don't want you...

| >>684649 don't be like that lol

| I want a cat.

| What a coincidence! I just happened to be searching for boyfriend free girls, hit me up :-)

-Christian Chandler

| >>684683
No! Get out of here! You're scary!

| >>684682 i want a cat too :c

| >>684682 >>684824
Maybe I should get a cat. Maybe that would help me get a boyfriend!

| >>684837 I can also be your cat~☆ nyah,nyah

| let's all love cats~☆

| >>684860
Hmm. You can be my cat and not my boyfriend!

| if am i a neko... can i be someone boyfriend?:o

| >>684896
Yes but not mine! I want cat and boyfriend! Not cat boyfriend!

| >>684904 how about we turn this around and you be my boyfriend instead?

| >>684907
N-no!!! No way!!!

| can i split?:o

| Wtf has this thread turned into?

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