What do I call myself?

| I like women, and I like dick. Offscreen males, futanari, and phallic tentacles, are all things I can be into. I wouldn't date or fuck or be aroused by the male form. So what the hell am I?

Bi leaning female?
Gay with a side of shaft?
I have no way to describe myself and it's stressful.

| A completely sane and healthy man!

| First of all, why do want to label yourself so badly? Secondly, orientation is all about what sex are you aroused by, if you like getting fucked in the ass or sucking dick, that doesn't make you gay at all. You can do those things with a female partner with strapon.

| I thought the wording made it clear I was a lady lul. But I appreciate the responses.

>>683067 it's nice to have a few words to describe it, instead of going into detail every time it's brought up.
I know a lot of people don't like labels, but personally they help me be a bit less anxious about things. Having a label for myself makes me feel more grounded.

| Someone with fetishes

| Undersexed and overly horny?

God damn I need someone like you in my life

| Personally I'm not a huge fan of labels, but if I had to guess I'd say bi but more attracted to females or just gay with a fetish for dick.

>>683061 >>683067
Damn. What happened to the good old "there are no guys on the internet"? She even made it clear she was a female. Y'all are a shame to this board.

| >>683256 when someone complains about liking dicks, you usually assume that person got a dick of their own. Also apparently I can't read.

But yeah, in that case you're just a good ol' lesbian >>683159


| Alright, I'm gonna be honest with you, you don't really have to label yourself of you don't want to. Just be into the people you're into, and that's all you need.

| Horny

| Lesbian who is into trans women probably

| For a man I'd just say a bottom, not sure if the term applies to women?

| >>684603
futanari are not "trans"
trans is mental illness, don't confure with futa

| >>684812 please shut the fuck up, chud

| >>684816
i know mentally ill degenerates don't like free speech

| This thread is too old already, you g/u/rls are too late with them baits

| >>684843
For real.

| Honestly, I'm only commenting to let you know that "lesbian +" is a great label and I'm going to use that to describe myself from now on lolol

10/10 much creativity, very wow
Thanks, OP!

| >>684857
Lesbian+ really is a great one. Funny and self explanatory. Personally I either say nothing or "kinda fag", but now I kinda wish I was lesbian+ just because it's such a good label.

| >>684863
"kinda fag" sounds based, self-derision

| >>684874
It's not. I just find it funny to ironically describe myself as "fag" because I'm kinda fag.

| >>684881
and that's the fun/based part

| >>684885
Ah, yeah. It is. I'm just dumb.

| I feel the same way. And you know, I found myself bro I could fuck with. And I'm so happy.

Guys are not estheticaly pleasant, but you can ignore it if you want the d, imagine how girls are doing it all the time.

Still, its sad only girls I had is 2d, but I'm glad I can feel as girl myself sometimes and be cute to my partner.

| >>685158
Damn! I'm jealous. I don't find males attractive, but man I'd love to have one as a partner.

| On the other hand, still its hard to accept. Masturbating on traps is one thing, but having real sex and think how its socially unacceptable get me depressed. Feel bad about disappointing people.

| >>685191
If people are dissapointed by you being gay then they're not worth caring about homie, trust me. It's becoming more and more socially acceptable, and the people who are too biggoted to accept it are just, you know, not people you should care about.

| You are a woman and you are in lesbian for dicks!

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