Nhentai alternative

| An actual doujin thread in /d/.

| Tsumino.com all english with page and rating in the thumbnail but slow af on new release.

| E-hentai has doujins and artbooks and whatever youd like. Honestly i dropped it for nhentai bc i didnt want to see Family Guy r34

| Why drop nhentai? It's fine.

| Sadpanda or get out

| >>682858
that fucking panda IS the one to kick you out

| I like using hitomi.la because of their cool reader. You need to go there with an adblock though, really.

| >>682858
Literally this

| Hitomi.la, it's amazing.

| How so i properly use hitomi? I only go there to look at game cgs.

| >>683704 you just search for needed tags and artists. You can also write language tags in your search and type tags, though for types there are no pop up hints so here's an example:
And use ADBLOCK otherwise it's so hard to use this site!

| >>683713 I usually do type:doujinshi language:english, and then add my stuff afterwards. That's just what I like :p

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