Kinks you're into (there's probably been a similar thread before)

| What the title says, if you're kinky I'm curious what kinks you have and if possible why?
Kinda interested in checking some out~

| Flat chests turn me on more than big boobies.

And no, liking flatchests =/= lolicon. Learn yer shit if u think that

| I mean if we're talking about actually kinky stuff then Choking, just a bit

| >>679892
Flat chested tomboy!

| Flat chest 4'9 small body and call me dad/big bro turn me on.

And no, liking small girls =/= lolicon. Learn yer shit if u think that.

| I like flat chested lolis who are over 18 but willing to pretend they're not.

And no, liking legal lolis =/= lolicon. Learn yer shit if u think that

| There's too much talk of flat chests here, so I'm gonna go all out.
Pegging, hot wax, voyeurism (as in, I'm the one being watched). Choking feels too basic at this point but, that too.
Oh, and I've always liked the thought of a remote control vibrator that my partner controls while I go about my day, but idk if there's a specific name for that.

| Pegging - one of the few things I feel dom-y about
Hot wax - painful but only for a short amount of time
Voyeurism - so basically my partner can't gangbang me themselves, but if they at least organize it...
Vibrator thing - probably my favorite, it's like I can feel them with me no matter where I go but... not in a wholesome way.

| choking!!! i love being choked... and also, idk if it counts, but being dominant WHILE being topped is very <333

| Gentle femdom

| Submissive men with cute face and beautiful screams <3<3<3 I just want to top the shit out of guys who think they have their shit together or think that have power and just show them who really is boss. Unf, power play is a beautiful thing lolol

Funny thing is I'm a switch but with guys I am only interested in being a domme

| Consensual Knife play can be fun,and no that isn't blood play, both are different BUT can be united together if ya'll are into that

| i want a yuri harem. the idea of having a bunch of girls all over you and all over each other is hot as fuck to me

| Holding her tiny hand in mine, while we're walking.
Hugging her tightly, so her nose is on my chest and she feels my perfume, and I feel the smell of her hair.
Lying together, legs crossed, here on mine, and petting them.

| >>680617 fucking degenerate

| >>680617 Time to send you to the ranch sonny

| bondage, soft femdom, tomboys, strap ons, big tits, blowjob (i have a weird obsession with that), light blue and light pink hair, knife play, kitten play, tall girl short guy, and probably more but rn I can't remember them.

legit, i never count or keep track of what i actually like. last time was a year ago i think. so i probably missed a bunch of them.

| There's a few considerably normal things that turn me on, such as: alternative girls, tomboys, bdsm (both sides), flatties, etc

But what I don't tell anyone is that I'm DYING to taste blood. Not literally drink it, just lick a cut or something alike.
My ex lick a cut I've made (with consent!), but she couldn't let me do the same sadly.
Since then, I was "vamp". Kinda liked it. Too bad that I probably won't find something similar again.

| >>a96543

| >>680733
I have a friend who licks blood at every opportunity. A female friend of ours has to prick herself pretty regularly because of a condition, and he usually licks the blood from her finger afterwards. I wonder if that's a fetish of his.

| >>a96543 my gf likes doing that too. one day im gonna let her drink every last drop out of my soul... of course if it means that the carpet wouldn't get dirty.

| >>680738
Well, in my experience it does taste good.
Hopefully I can find a girl that lets me do that too

| >>681188
I mean, fair enough. I haven't tasted a lot of blood in my life, but from what I remember I didn't like it. To each their own though.
I hope you do homie. Just be careful of blood transmitted diseases.

| blood diseases are really the biggest issue with the kink, besides that so long as both are consensual have at it, as for my own kink ummm neko girls...yeah, that and bondage, "shibiki" I know there's a name for the Japanese art of it but it's currently escaping me

| >>681351

| How many people will hate me if I say bestiality

| >>681501

| >>681501
I don't see why you'd be hated for that.

| >>681512
she might be talking about negroes

| Oy negreos don't have knots like dogs do.
Plus I can't find myself to fetish skin like that. After all, if it's soft why complain.
But ya, dog on gurl gets me going.

| >>681501

| >>681535
well on the bright side it angers me less than interracial, i'm just disgusted...

| >>aa1e67 YEAH THATS THE NAME,there's something just mesmerizing about it

| Breast/butt expansion. No belly though, I like my waifus growing massive curves and watch while embarassed/turned on.

| There are some really weird kinks. I just found out some people fantasize about getting their dicks cut off then I looked it up and saw someone to shake and bake on their dick skewered it with 3 wooden skewers then hung it over a post of boiling oil like wtf

| I really, really dig the idea of just beating/torturing the shit out of a thoroughly, unabashedly masochistic (not necessarily submissive) man. Not really femdom or power play, just good old mutually-enjoyed violence. Non-con is where I draw the line, so he has to be into it. Funny enough, I'm entirely vanilla otherwise -- don't like choking, rough sex, or most of the shit in this thread.

I blame Ichi the Killer. Didn't care for the story, but Kakihara was my sexual awakening.

| I watched enough Totally Spies as a kid to have a crippling addiction to bondage porn and anything involving catsuits. I love a good 5-10 video of a sub girl having a good time. Futanari bondage, lesbian bondage, machine bondage, the list goes on. Basically anything with shiny girls and no dudes. I fucking love the stories "Latex Forest" and "Latex Jungle" on Chyoa. I'm afraid to actually buy gear though cuz I feel like I'd go off the deep end and go broke in two weeks lol

| Sword fighting before the actual sex.

| >>b125d7 Honestly understand you whatbwith latex and bondage stuff, very easily gets me excited

| >>7e73b0 yay for validation! It's probably my biggest secret since it feels like anyone I know would be horrified of it and me for liking it. Oh well, maybe I'll happen upon a kinky girl at some point and get some action.

| >>b125d7 I wish you all the best luck g/u/rl, may you find that special someone to share your fantasies with

| >>681863
Totally Spies got so many of us...

One important kink that hasn't been mentioned is being vocal! Too many of ya'll sound like dead fish!! Let your partner know you're enjoying it, and not just with dirty talk!!! Moans and sighs and saying what's working and saying you love them works really well!!!!


| Girls in diapers are cute

| Cum inflation. I blame hentai for that one.

| >>1c7a00 I...what that?

| >>683616 Google it. You've probably seen it at least once. It's not like it's physically possible but...

| Actually googling it gived a bad impression. It can be a lot more subtle which is what I prefer.

| The foreplay is much better than the actual sex imo. That's my kink.

| ^

| Doing the do but in cosplay/ role-playing is a nice spice to it, calling her a slut and see how she gets more dirty is also a nicely added bonus

| Piss and menstrual blood

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