obsessed mind

| I'm wishing meet with girl who would be nice to me, don't judging my personality and would hug me, headpat, tie or so.. naah why is my mind so bad..

| ... lewd

| Boi I sure could do sum hugs, cuddles and had pats

| low offer high demand

| >>674360 my softness xd
>>674562 sounds so nice "^^
>>674575 i know, i'm terrible person..

| >>674796 I'm no dating material either you shouldnt put your self so low, have some confidence amd patience, one day we will find our cuddle partners

| >>674809 i didn't thought nothing like that, just that these words sounds nice.

| Today i wasn't sleep.. and really i can't.. today i will probably spend in sleep deprivation.. and write someone who is important for me.. i can do best decisions probably just when i feel that i will crash my face over floor..

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