Doubel standarts in sex

| You know a double standart that I hate, is when people call you desperate when you are a virgin and you are willing to fuck anyone, a bunch of people who are not virgins have sex a people without even knowing their last name so why do virgins get labeled desperate

| Get over yourself. Sex isn't the only thing in life.

| >>672589 but dont you think this is annoying?

| >>672589 also are you emplying that I'm the op from another thread? Cuz I'm not

| Also this thread is more for people to complain about stuff that bothers than in sex

| wait, how do we write "standard"...
I'm starting to doubt myself after reading "standart" so much...

| >>672690
It's a shorthand for 'standards in or relating to art'. Much shorter to write 'standart'.
Likewise, 'doubel' is short for 'do you believe'.
OP is asking if, like them, you also believe that the standards in art relating to the common practice of 'virgin shaming' are, overall, a malus in our cultural zeitgeist.

| I like sex.

| >>672776
Thanks g/u/rl, cleared that up in an instant

| That's how society works, my gurl. If enough people think similarly, it becomes the accepted fact.

You either ignore or accept it. Like how people with no experiance in sex are called incel, regardless if they hate woman or not.

If you want to feel better about it, move to muslim society where they put virginity on a pedestal.

| >>e24492
We live a society......

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