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Don't you just hate it when

| A series is somewhat popular but there's very little to no hentai on it or the only existing ones are shit

| Same

| Cries in some series that wish it had more rule 34

| Yeah. That shit's sad. I very rarely see characters in shows and think "I want to masturbate to hentai of her", but when I do there's always a depressingly low amount of hentai of her, and it's never good.

| Take up your pen and stylus!
This is your clarion call!
Draw the hentai you want to see in this world!

| But I'm so bad at drawing I failed art class

| >>673031 remember am artist is not something you become over night. It takes dedication and time to perfect your craft. Just with any skill time and practice is necessary. Even people who can barely draw stick figures with enough time can draw beautiful works of art. It may take years to get to a standard you may see as "great" or such but,it is attainable. Now go draw horny things for us horny people.

| >>673031 Believe in the power of horny! Hell, it made a polish dude make a game about a harem of demon girls in suits just so people can make more art and or porn of them.

| I'm sad when I see a hentai of some obscure show that I like.
How dare they.

| >>673520 is that way helltaker exists because that's amazing if true

| use ur imagination lole

| is this a good time to cry for help?


W H E R E D I D Y O U G O?

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This thread is permanently archived