So is sex supposed to like feel good?

| It's always felt very meh and it really perplexes me. People love this?


| Idk,do you love yourself though?

| It is overrated, yes, however it is better than masturbation, and it gets better the longer you are with your partner, because you discover eachothers sweetspots and kinks

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I'm on the same page as you op sex never was the holy grail I expected it to be you just sink you meat stick in someone's orifice. I tried to love it was somewhat confused and thought I was gay at some point.
Lots of funny stuff happened and concluded that I just didn't like sex that much.

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> sex never was the holy grail I expected
Sex isn't the holy grail in general.
What makes sex good is your partner, but not their skill matters but simply if you love them and vice versa.

| >>671900 so sex is shit then, love is dead so it will never feel good again for most people

| Just like that crowded restaurant which you have to line up for 30mins. The taste doesn't matter anymore, people just want it because it is jard to get.

| >>671563 idk i think masturbation is better than sex.

Imo foreplay itself is better than sex. Sex seems so boring and tiring tbh. I only do it because my S.O. wanted it. However, if i needed to remove sex in my life, then i don't think anything willl drastically change.

My ex loooved sex. That's all he thought about and it baffles me still. Maybe it's different from the male perspective?

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Big oof for your bf, then.
Maube you just have a low sex drive? It's pretty normal tbh.

| If you don't like it at all you might just be asexual

| >>672045 sex for the female side takes much more work than for the male, but the payoff tends to be better too. From what you're saying I'm going to guess that your ex was a horny bastard who didn't care if you felt good. You know, sex is a complex process, it requires exploration and communication, so it is heavily partner depended

| >>672055 ah i wouldn't wanna think about it that way. Im pretty confident of my drive. However, it just ends when he finishes yknow? It's not as satisfying as how it's portrayed as.

Now,i just do it to to make my partner happy. If he's happy and satisfied, then that goes for me too. :)

| >>672114 ah is that so? My partners and i never communicated. I just did what they wanted because i thought that's how it's supposed to be.

I mean, no one really asked.

| >>672137 yes, communication is essential. Due to the lack of sex education in our current society, and sex being a taboo theme overall, there are way too many cases like yours. A shame, really.

Communication is the key to pretty much everything in life, so next time you have sex, try talking to your partner, tell him what feels good and what doesn't, don't be embarrassed abouit it and don't be afraidbto try new stuff.

| Yo if mastubation with foreplay feel amazing( I'm a man) I wonder how sex with fore play would feel, I'm a virgin but playing with other parts before masturbating makes the act way better and helps to make the body more sensitive, so yeah foreplay is underrated

| I had sex with my gf and it was nice. Then we broke up, I went to a whore because I thought it might help me but it was the worst thing I ever did in my life. Waste of money and it made me feel really jaded about sex.

| >>672405 foreplay is INCREDIBLY overrated. Foreplay imo is the peak and penetration just dies it down from there

| >>672551 dont you mean underrared?

| >>672559 (s)he probs meant that

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