What's the point of Jerkin off to hentai?

| I'm starting to think, why even jerk off to big tiddie anime bitches when you'll never have one?

| Do you only masturbate to people you're going to have aex with?

| masturbation is fuckin pointless

| based

| I've come to the point where i went to nhentai not because I'm horny but because I'm bored and depressed. And always ended up being more depressed after nutted

| >>671409
ah, poor thing. should i pray for you gurl?

| Um... most people also will never have sex with their fav porn star, so what's your point?

| This is just pointless kinkshaming, people masturbate to a lot of stuff that isnt real, at the end its just fantasy and enterteiment

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I'm not trying to kinkshame anyone, I'm sorry if it came like that, I just was thinking about it because I jerk off to hentai (i haven't jerked off to real porn as much) and that thought came to my head, it can also apply to pornstars and what not

| >>671488 its fine, sometimes the answears are closer than we think

| Maybe it's your inner self realizing that carnal pleasures aren't really that worth it

| >>671398
>she doesn't have anime-tier tits

| Lots of porn actresses have some rare body types with most being all surgery and 0.00002% being natural

| Jerk off to jav instead some av models actually have those anime tits and plumb curvy bodies and I was shocked to be honest

| Because I can't jerk off to a real loli.

| Anime tiddies give meaning to people's lives.

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