Are there any sugardaddies here?

| What's it like? Why do u do what u do?
Genuinely curious

| Does aspartame daddies count?

| I'm actually kinda looking for a sugar daddy right now. Or rather, I'm trying to help a friend of mine get one, so if there are any sugar daddies here, would it be possible to maybe make an arrangement?

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Tell your 'friend' that they should get a real relationship instead, where they are a loving and equal partner, instead of a side-piece.

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And while you're at it, encourage her to get a job.

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Y'all don't know shit about sugar daddy relationships, huh? Do some research
and come back to me.

My offer still stands. Any sugar daddies, hit me up.

| >>671257 huh? Is it not about one partner paying for another? I thought it to be the very definition. (And obviously that removes equality from relationship, as well as the need for a job). I'm genuinely curious wym

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>And obviously that removes equality from relationship

Historically speaking, the gentleman was always the one to work to make money, while the lady would take care of the house and kids.

| >>671412 historically speaking, that statement is waaay too generalized and stereotypized. It depends on the country and the culture, the time period etc. And we definetly should learn from mistakes of the past, because shared household is a more balanced, fair and optimal way to go

| >the gentleman

Yep there we have it.
OP (or her friend idrc) just wants to mooch off a dude with money.

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A lot of sugar daddy relationships are not physical, and even less of them are sexual. They basically never are.

A sugar daddy is essential a rich and lonely man paying someone (usually a younger female) to talk to him, or if they know eachother irl, spend time with him. Either to feel like he has a daughter, girlfriend, wife or friend. It obviously depends on the person, but it's essentially just playing pretend, but with lots and lots of money going to the girl.

| Obviously the ones you're thinking about are a thing, but they're a lot more rare. A lot of sugar daddy relationships are just online, just talking to the guy and being sent money and gifts and stuff.

| Honestly I wish I had a sugar daddy too :/

| >>671498 nah i don't wanna mooch off anyone. Just genuinely curious, yknow? It's interesting to have so much money yet companionship isn't something you can attain on normal means.

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It's a signal that something is wrong. Either they are socially inept, old a widower, looking for a prostitute or reallt confused.
Getting paid to pretend to be someone's friend is a loathesome thing. If you really want to satisfy your curiosity, have them donate the money they would spend getting you things to a worthy charity instead.

| >>672058 i can also see it as a trust issues thing. Better to KNOW that the relationship you have is fabricated rather than trusting that it's genuine.

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Ultimately it's their choice.

| I think some of it is just power, sort of a reverse findom thing

| I think it is power, like, it feels good to take care of someone and to have dominance over them. And as a sub, it feels really good for me to be taken care of and have a little control taken from me.

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That definitely plays into it.
But the modern sugardaddy market is full of lazy girls who just want cash, and will lie, cheat and steal to get it.

| >>672774 damn. Howd u know abt the sugarbaby market? Honestly the vids i see though, that's true. They're all rude and bratty for some reason. Is that what money does to you?

| The original simps

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