Do you gurls shave?

| I don't

| Feels more confortable this way and has a more natural look

| I dont think hair is disgusting

| well i do

| Armpits - yes
Beard - no, I trim it with a 6mm head
Cocking zone - same

| I only shave my face. Should really work on the other areas too, especially since my hair is REALLY LUSH, but too lazy and I don't see anyone anyway so no reason to.

| Shaving armpits, waxing legs on the knees and below + backs of palms and fingers
Anywhere else is too painful/troublesome/unnesessary

| yes, i don't like how body hair looks and feels

| Pits? Yes.
Legs? Only when im stressed out or when i feel like it.
Pubes? Either when im bored or if im gonna get action

| I shave my face, armpits, pubes, perineum and ehm... butthole. The smoothness feels so nice that onxe I shaved for the first time I couldn't help but do it regularly.

| No

| Very, very rarely. Haven't done it in a year probably.

| Mustache every two weeks
Beard only trimming
Armpit when I feel like it
Down area shaved it every 40 days more or less, never shaved it till clean tho

| >>671120 Oh shit you shave your butthole? Won't it be itchy after a few days?

| >>672002
That's why you have to wax and bleach it.


| Sometimes I shave my pubes and the lower part of the back, and trim my armpits
Usually I shave my face too,but now my """beard""" has been growing since the corona outbreak,so roughly 4 months
Still don't know what to do with it

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