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send pics of ur eye

| ^

| ♡

| Why

| what

| Soon.

| Perv

| You are not my special person :c

| Nice try cops, but I won't share the eye equivalent of a fingerprint, not even if you say please.

| I'll show you my big brown eye

| what?

| https://ibb.co/Wtj9SKL
I love showing off ;P

| >>661249 cute

| >>662890 ty!!!

| https://ibb.co/x2QsKxT

| https://ibb.co/b3vytJJ

Now suck me cunt I love you :)

| https://ibb.co/xhGRgrk

| Guys what does it feel like knowing that some eye fetishist is probably fapping to your eye pics?

| >>663013
I'm ok with it, though I have no idea who in their right mind would want to masturbate to my eye.

| >>663014
My coworker had fantasies about collecting eyeballs which have pretty colors. She's 19yo cute tiny girl.

| >>663016

| >>663013
It makes me quite happy, because that would mean I made someone fap to an underage individual without their knowledge. Maybe they like that though. Idk.

Aw. That's cute.

| https://ibb.co/MfP1xKG

This thing.

| >>663429 i have similar color.. do you also don't know how is this color named?

| >>663429 >>663458
I'd say it looks grey (possibly lavender) with green in the middle. Pretty cool actually.

| Some of y'all have uggers eyes. First girl is cute tho. Go on a eye diet everyone else

| >>663791
Damn. Talking shit 'bout my eyes but appreciating the filtered one? I see how it is.

| >>663801 Literally the first time that I see someone talking shit about eyes

| >>664027
Can't wait for when people start acting racist over eye colour.

| I remember hearing about some antiracists and futurists back in the day saying how in the future race will just be some characteristic we treat just like eye color and here we have the eye racists.( - -; )

| If your designer baby doesn't have heterochromia in the good year of our Lord 20xx don't talk to me

| Reminds me of the stalker who found the location of some Japanese idol because he recognized the location visible in her eyes reflection.

| >>664212
Well, it's not unheard of. That's how the Roman's viewed skin color. Our modern conception of race is just a product of people trying to justify the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism centuries ago.

| >>664280 and probably petty tribalism too, trying to find an other to hate

| >>663429
Is that silver hair? What are you, the protagonist of this thread or something?

Because you're actually pulling it off.

| >>664321
For real. Homie looking like an actual protag.

| >>664311
I never said we should model our society on ancient Rome. I was just using them as an example of a society that existed without our conception of race.

| https://ibb.co/d5pQ1CF
Here is mine! I've retouched it a bit but the colors are authentic

| >>664321 I wish that I had silver hair but that's just some reflection, my hair are like titian blonde/light brown.

BUT I'm happy that someone thinks that I look like a protag

| >>664420 different light and reflections can do some funky things to colors

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