Uncut is better fight me!

| Yeah thats right, all of you who are circunsized are just trying to justfy your parents bad decisions since you didnt have a choice

| there's no need to fight, though...

| Wasn't there already a discussion about this before? No need to spark it up again op

| Ah really they done it already? Ok :(

| Uncut master race!

| Honestly you guys are missing so much if you're circumcised, but hey at least you still got a dick.

| Reminder that being circumcised at birth literally changes your brain for the worse.

| Damn bro, really calling me out here :(

| Why would I fight you when you are right, it is one of the things that makes me want to cut my throat

| >>657436
I read "cum my throat" for a moment...
also please don't, your throat is very cute.

| What's with the anti-circumcision posters lately haha.
I don't see the problem with being circumsised, at all. I find it easier to clean than before.
But if you want to go uncut then it's your choice. No one is forcing anyone.

| >>657473 its more luck based since depends if your parents decide to remove the your foreskin

| >>657478 or where you're born. Foreskin is common in central and eastern Europe

| >>657482 yep, it really is luck based, and then your parents can just decide to remove it

| >>657473

| >>657473 Yes before? Do you mean to say you willing got circumcision as a teen or adult? Or are you saying before despite never actually knowing what it's like to have one?

| >>657552
Yes, did it when I was a teen with my own consent.
I was kinda surprised at first to see the practice of "circumsision at birth" as it doesn't sound safe to me haha.
People here usually get circumsised around their teenage years or when their things are big enough. Not obligatory, though.

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